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I have done enough

Thats it!!! Enough is enough, I am coming of sole source. I got to my original target weight and have decided to make a new target, but i just cant be bothered, been the gym last 3 nights, and i am dead!! No energy or nowt!!!! Trying my best to tone/get fit with this 7 stone lighter frame, but i dont feel like a gazelle like I thought I would rather a hippo :confused:

So far im having scrambled egg on toast or chicken salad last two nights and ive still got no energy:mad:

Anyone else suffer in a similar nature??

I Want to excercise :eek: but my body wont let me!!
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Gaelic Faery

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There isn't really enough energy in sole source for that kind of exercise. I'm surprised your CDC hasn't moved you up the plans if you've changed your goals and your method for achieving them. You should call them and talk about moving up to the 810 or 1000 plan.
Is there free nutrition advice given at your gym? Now you've used cd to get to your target so quickly what about doing a combined healthy eating/exercise programme with an instructor from your gym?


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does your small meal contain a lot of carb? because that would do it in an instant.


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Hi Davepefc,

When you start "refeeding" you will add back the gylcogen stores. This will add about 4 to 5 pounds to most people. These go when start ssing, and that is why people show such a big loss in the first week (they are depleting their ready energy stores and water that accompanies them).

So, once you have regained your glycogen -- if you continue to consume no more calories than you burn -- your weight should stablize.

The problem I have is I'm having a small meal a day plus 3 cd supplements, and since I have come of ss I'm putting on weight?? Can anyone explain this ?
the carbs!

do the 810 for 2 weeks then the 1000 etc you will gain your energy soon but it could be the carbs weighing you down.


Slowly but surely x
ive had great losses on 810 and I gym it - never feel hungry but will admit to a couple of binges in the past - but i carry on and never give up cos Im not going to spending £40 a week on somwthing that will make me put weight on! (except, obv at christmas ;))


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Davey -first congratulations on getting there - cut out the toast and work your way up the refeeding plans - this enables you to rebuild your glycogen stores without a drastic impact and slowly introduce carbs again once your body has adjusted to some food. The 810 plan (3 cambridge and a small meal) has no carbs so I guess you have brought the toast in a bit too early - I think carbs come in again at 1000 or 1200 - but only in a very limited way. I'm really really sensitive to carbs so its something I am going to have to do later this year.

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