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I have eaten all 3 of my meals already!!!


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Ok I thought I was actually going to eat my arm and the water wasnt doing anything so I have just had my soup!

Leek and potato, actually quite nice after I killed it with pepper!

Now I just know im gonna be a grumpy cow later becasue I will be hungry!

Plus i still need to go and cook for DH and DD!!! :sigh:

I think I have been coping quite well but I seem to feel a little low right now - weird as I dont know whats brought it on! :(

Anyway - rant over, hope you have all done well today!! :D
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I think ive done the same. Ive been doing some work....and i cant rememeber if i have had had one or two shakes today, like i genuinely just could not remember. So i had the 2nd/ 3rd and am at a loss as to what to do. Im sure its not healthy to have a memory like mine....i am quite concerned! Im not even 25 yet. x


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Won't hurt to have a 4th if you really need it later. Is really hard when you are having to cook for other people as well, I empathise with you


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Truffle maybe try halving the thick ones? ... if it would help on your hungrier times? ...

I can understand your feeling of being down..... I feel like it most evenings, i dont really know why either! .. strange .


One day at a time :)
I find that drinking the water makes me a bit hungry again but I'm not in ketosis yet so hopefully that should stop happening!

I had all my meals by 5pm and have just had a bit of dry fried chicken breast to tide me over! If you really think you're going to crack and cannot distract yourself then have a half a pack or a little chicken/tuna etc because thats better than getting miserable and caving into a massive binge!

Good luck xx


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theres nothing at all wrong with having a 4th pack if youre finding it really hard.. ive been known to do that a few times...
or a couple of slices of ham/chicken and a small amount of salad/veg can help..
basically if it stops you diving for the biscuits or anything then do it!


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Thank you everyone for all the advice but I am going to try and stick it out at least for the first week. The thing is with me if I crack just a little bit (even a slice of wafer thin ham) then I know I will binge and it gives me the excuse to eat more if you know what i mean.

For me its all or nothing so I really need to just try and get over it.

With regard to halving the packs. Is it ok to do that to make them last longer??

Could I use say half a sachet but still use 8oz of water with half the pack to make them last longer through the day?

x x


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Its fine so long as you have the minimum water needed :)

Thats brilliant, I think I will make them all last longer tomorrow!!!

I am sat with a hugeeeeee cup of coffee now that will probably help! :D:D


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I remember being really grumpy when I first started and felt very deprived and got the hump lol. It does pass hun, I know that doesn't help you right now though. Hope your coffee makes you feel a bit better xx.


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water water and more water!

Before you turn to an additional pack, try just a lage drink. Give it another 30min and then re-evaluate!
The evenings are difficult for most as we are so used to spending that time preparing and eating food....! Hot bath, good book, something on TV, internet shopping (but avoid clothes as they wont last long!)....occupying your mind is the key as its not your body asking for anything but your mind!

Keep going hun, it's about to get so good!!!



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I always use 8 in each mug ... for the half packs :) works best on the chocolaty ones .. altho i did it with chick and mush today and it was yummy, just like a cuppa soup :)


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Awww thanks everyone!!

I just went to make another coffee, opened the firdge and opened a packet of ham, stood there and sniffed it whilst the kettle was boiling and then put it back!!

I feel like a kid how proud I am that I did not grab the whole packet and ram it down my throat LOL :8855:


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I also had a bit of a low point today about 4pm. However, i have just checked to see if I am in Ketosis and I am. I have been dancing around my living room like a crazy person. I haven't had my last meal yet. What I have found over the last two days when I had a shake for breakfast I was hungry however when I had the porridge I wasn't. So every morning I am going to have a porridge or soup for breakfast.


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Awwww well done Louisa!!! When did you start the CD?

I just did a ketone stix but i think it was negative!!

When should I expect to be in ketosis?? I started yesterday x

x x


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thanks hun x