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I have Started, so I will finnish?

On Wednesday, I forced myself off to the local RC group :wave_cry:I had badgered one of my work colleagues who joined last week, to make sure I went with her. My other half was away from home with work, so I had no excuse, untill I had a phone call before I left the house (which was very sad and bad news, my friend told me she had only weeks to live).. I then thought, I need to enjoy my life, and headed off determined.
I got weighed in, all quite painless, signed up for min of 3 months, which takes me upto May, when I go on my first big adventure outside Europe. Please to hear there was no naming and shaming, just good advise for any who didnt loose (use you *pots*). Off home to digest the facts, and the week began..:cry:

I have followed the rules of the kick start, and I am eating more than usual, I have always been a healthy eater, but erratic, it has been hard dealing with the tummy grumbles and the bodily functions :eek: but I am sure it will be worth it after 2 weeks, I was never one for breakfast, and to find my tummy groaning 3 hrs later @10.30am *feed me, feed me, feed me now* is hard to hide in a small office, drink more water.... loo... coffee... run to loo.... :sick0019:eating my fruit then made more grumbles.

My tummy is dictating my day, but I KNOW it will be worth it.... My other half returned from work away,early hours of Saturday Morning, and I dragged him out to the supermarket later, because I was scared of buying a cake or something to stem the grumbles, but I was good, even though he put chocolate cake and puddings in the trolly, I brought the RC book, a bargain at £3.99.. then he put breadmix in the breadmaker, that I had to sniff while he snoozed on the settee.
The plan is to shift the 10lbs I have gained since I met him over 2 yrs ago, so the skirt I wore yesterday would once again slip off my hips if I stretched, not rise up the back if I move :sigh:, then to tackle the rest of it.
Watch this space
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Hi Cosmicangel :)
Congratulations on forcing yourself to join the group after hearing such awful news, very sad. I think you stand more chance of sticking to the diet if you are going the meetings. I don’t go myself, it’s just too difficult with kids, work etc, but I think I’m doing ok so far.
Good luck
Thanks Joanie.
I have been trying to do WW online, without success, over the years I have tried most diets, with some success, however, life changes, and once again the weight creeps on, and my metabolism needed a kick, with this LOW GI, it has booted me into touch. It was so nice not to hear people named and shamed, I was totally humiliated at a SW club once, when I was told I was a liar, and couldn't possibly have followed the diet and must have cheated, put me off, I also need support (thats why I found this forum) I seem to be forever moving and starting over, so no close family and friends.
Let me know how you are doing. :happy036:
My weigh in is Wednesday Evening

Hi Pauline
This is the second time I’ve done the RC diet. The first time was about 12 years ago and it was really successful. I want to lose inches off my tum.:sigh:

I’m finding the kick start diet fine, in fact, I’m eating more now than I was before, but my food is much more healthy. I’ll weigh myself next Saturday morning.

I can’t believe how you were treated at SW, totally disgusting, how dare they make you feel like that!:mad:
Keep posting and reading here, I log on most days.
Good luck, J
Weigh in tonight, at least I will be able to drink more water today (been stuck on a face to face help desk for 2 afternoons, where your not allowed to eat or drink).
Wish me luck, BTW, I notice you are in Brum, I was in Cov for 2 yrs before I moved here in May ! Its a different world down here !!!
phewwwww !!!
Pleased to announce 3 lbs lost :happy036:eek:ne happy bunnny !


Staff member
.hehehe..love the bunnies...., thanks Mini, 13 weeks to go 'till my holiday, aim to loose a total of 21lbs (18 to go) by then, is that reasonable?

Hi Pauline,

:talk017: Well done on your weight loss.

It's great when the weight keeps coming off. I've lost weight over the last three and feel fantastic. It's hard sometimes to keep going but it's just not worth giving in to temptation, chocolates, crisps etc. Keep strong and think about the bigger picture, imagine, the summer sat on a beach, no cares in the world, glass of wine in hand and no worries about whether to have a treat.:character00238:

Have a great day tomorrow.:D

Feeling *sh*t* today.
After an adverse reaction to my bran flakes this morning, I then went to work, and its also been :argh: . I have struggled to keep to the diet, well I have under eaten, a touch, so I am having a Brandy in my black coffee as a treat (which it better than eating a soggy micro defrosted pasty).
I do have a stressful day tomorrow, no work, but off to the midlands to see my dentist (hes lovely) 1 1/2 hrs drive, then a visit to my friend who is very poorly, TBH, I have another visit in a couple of weeks, but I dont know if I will ever see her again.
Been reading the other boards, and the weight losses on LL and CD etc are really brilliant, I have commited myself to RC for 3 months because I can afford that, its what I think is good for me, although I would love the excess to vanish much quicker. Im looking at loosing weight by September, that others can do by May.. :sigh: (when I have my holiday) I know I have only been on it a week, but I seem to have been on diets all my life. So any support from anyone is much appreciated. :cry:.. oh yes I am having a *dealing with stress course* at work next week hahaha.


Losing the baby fat
Hi Cosmicangel, just searched your posts and found this thread!
Sorry to read about your friend, life isnt fair.

I like the RC magazines, i think its a good plan and I like the exercise aspect to it (although i could not get the hang of the salsa dvd!)

3lbs, BRILLIANT!!! thats a great start:party0038:
Yes this way takes a bit longer but it's worth it in the end and it's something you can sustain. Don't think of the full amount to lose, a stone and you'll be really feeling the benefits.

Keep up with your writing, i've talked my whole way though lol. it's just words on a screen but it saves our other halves from hearing about it 24/7, they can then just hear about it 12/7 :giggle:

hope you feel better tomorrow, after 3 weeks it gets a whole lot easier!
Hi Cosmicangel
I’m really sorry you’re feeling so bad at them moment. You are going through a very emotional time with you’re friends illness and this is a very emotional time for you.

I think it’s great to read the boards and read all about other peoples success stories but sometimes it can leave you thinking ‘why am I not doing as well as them?' but, on a positive note you lost 3lb in your first week, do you not think that was your own success story? I do.

This is a long term goal, and I’m sure every single one of us will get pissed off with it at some stage. It’s early days and yet you have already lost weight, well done, keep reminding yourself of that loss.

Did you get on well with the woman who ran the RC club? Maybe give her a ring and tell her how your feeling. You may be finding the food boring and she might suggest some alternatives that will make eating more enjoyable for you.
Keep us updated and keep strong, good luck
Joanie:vibes:< this is me sending you good vibes xxx
Thanks Guys, I am a lot better this evening, it was the blues grabbing hold.
I shed a few little tears with my mate today, called her a tart, and we got back to normal, had a cuddle with her hubbie .. while she called out *oi you two, no tounges* hehe they both said I had lost weight. I have to return in 3 weeks and hope I will see her again.
I was a little naughty, went to the bakers and got myself a healthy eating chicken salad sandwich for lunch for the drive back, (and a bun.. not a doughnut) so that made up for no breakfast and my fruit calories, I didnt worry about the fat as its my first naughty and I dont intend making it a regular thing, went to Tescos when I got home, avoided the food (cakes and chocolate).. just got the other half a card for his buffday and a couple of shirts, and slipped back home.. he loves his chocolate, but I darent go near it today, I may have eat it before he got in from work.
I will say, even just the small loss (well its only been 1 1/2 weeks) my trousers were much more comfortable driving !... Laters xx
Awwwwwww Pauline, I’m so glad you’re feeling a bit better. Sounds like you and your mate had a nice time this afternoon. It’s those good times that you share together that’ll make you smile in the future. I understand the feeling of saying goodbye to someone and not knowing if you are ever going to see them again.

I had a parent’s evening last night. I got there at 6pm and left at 9.05pm! I have two children in the same year <<hush you lot!>> :rotflmao: so I have double the teachers to see. Anyway, long and short of it was, the chippy is right next to the school and, and, and, well…guess the rest? :whoopass:
Joanie xxx
I have also had a read of rowanx2 diary and decided to do one myself..and ramble for England (save me exercising my mouth ;) )
I really fancy some CHIPS !! I very seldom have Chips, but tonight I WANT SOME!!!
........ wheres me Brandy ? Im going to hide away upstairs, away from the food.... :wave_cry:
Is the chippy open ?........ ok, more grapes, why do I torment myself so ?

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