I just cant wait to be slim :) my journey begins

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  1. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    Hi. So started my LT diet yesterday, on Day 2 and so hungry. I would like to lose 2.5-3st. I have read some threads here and I hope I get through this.
    Well just wanted to drop a thread to say hello to everyone and find some LT diet buddies.. Wish me luck :)
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  3. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    Day 3... Dragging!! I'm not in ketosis yet as still hungry and my mouth feels just dry. Got my 1.75lt bottle of water next to me. I'm struggling cooking for family. I've put my fingers in my mouth to lick the whatever off. Suppose this diet will teach me not to pick as I cook.. Anyway, I'll probably check in later as it's good reading other stories to keep me motivated.
  4. WobbleBottom

    WobbleBottom Full Member

    Keep going you'll be in ketosis very soon. I'm starting again tomorrow. Did Lipotrim a couple of years ago & found it easy once I was in ketosis. A little bit of discomfort is definitely worth the results.

    TJ x
  5. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Good luck to you dear! I am sure soon you will be fine. Keep going girl and do not stop - towards to your dream;-)
  6. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    Thanks guys! I'm struggling tonight. Hope i make it through tomorrow.. :(
  7. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Silver Member

    Aw sorry to hear that Nai. You should be in ketosis now. Its only a craving. Plenty of water, maybe a coffee and it will pass. Think how happy you will be tomoro if you stick with it. :) :)

  8. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    Thank Ava. I've looked through some photos on the forum and cant believe the results.. Think an early night might help, i for-see alot of early nights coming my way x
  9. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Silver Member

    Well Nai. Are u happy u didnt cave? Good woman!! Hope ur having a good day chick. Keep up the good work :)


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  10. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    Hi Ava. Didnt cave yet. I'm not hungry either but feel like I need a snack/something to chew. I didnt get any of the flap jack things as thought if i chew on them i'll want more. My friend has decided to bring her hen party forward and planning it the wknd after this. Arrrggghhh I'm not sure i'll get in my dress and i dont have any money for a new one :( How can i hide my diet from them?? Only himself knows i'm doing LT. I wanted to keep it that way!! Food, drinking all day..
  11. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    So Day 5.. Niggling headache all night. I'm drinking at least 3.5-4lts of water a day. Maybe need more coffee. Still got headache :( not hungry thou :)
    anyway tried on the dress I had for hen party I wanted to were and from Monday to today there is a noticeable difference and only starting day 5 :) Hope it's ok on the night, I have suck me in pants that should help so here's hoping.. Defiantly won't cave for the next week now..
  12. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    I'm going down hill.. Headache wont go and i've drank 1.75lt if water already and 1 shake. Think i'm going to be sick? Can we take painkillers anyone know? Cant face a shake as i'll throw it up :(
  13. WobbleBottom

    WobbleBottom Full Member

    Hi Nai, hope you're feeling better; the pharmacist told me today that I could continue to take paracetomol & ibuprofen that I take for back pain.

    Last time I was on Lipotrim I had a chicken oxo cube if I felt really rough. It won't knock you out of ketosis or affect your weight loss. Don't have more than 1 per day though.

    TJ x
  14. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Silver Member

    Aw no Nai. Sorry to hear you are unwell. Painkillers should be ok doll. Hope you feel better soon.

    Your doing super well. Keep up the good work.

  15. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member

    Take some paracetamol chick, that will help with the head. Are you drinking other things apart from water? Coffee, tea, peppermint tea is nice, i tend to leave it to stew so it tastes more minty :)

    Keep at it ~ you won't need those suck you I knickers :)

  16. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    Thanks guys, think without this forum i'd have packed it in yesterday. I love the photos and stories and support everyone gives :)

    So today is Day 6.. I still cant get rid of headache. I'v had to take loads of painkillers and hoping that doesnt mess up my ketosis. I was so sick yesterday i only managed 2 shakes and only kept 1 down. Sorry TMI but i threw up gallons of water and it was really acidy and left my throat very sore. My other half reckons this cant be good for me. He's tries to be supportive (put up with me) but he can lead me astray too.

    Any idea how long the headache will last. This could break me as headaches make me sick.

    I'm drinking peppermint tea also, only 2-3cups. Maybe i need to drink more water. I think my body is missing caffeine to but i struggle with black tea/coffee. I'll try drinking more like 4.5-5lts of water. If someone shook me they'd hear like the sea/wooooshh splash noises coming from my tummy!! I'm full of water..

    anyway roll on monday, weekdays are always easiest to diet on.
  17. Keelykins

    Keelykins Full Member

    How are you doing!? Have you had your first weigh in yet!?
    I've had a couple of days feeling awful, like I want to be sick, headache. It does pass. One day I really couldn't drink anymore than I did so it wasn't that.

    Good luck and keep going!
  18. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    Thanks. The last few hours i'm much better (apart from sore throat which i can live with). Headache is milder manageable for now. Hate taking all the painkillers but least i havent caved.

    I get weighed on monday. Think i'll lose about 6-7lbs. Hoping for about 10lbs
  19. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Silver Member

    Ooooh first weigh in doll. Exciting. Hope you have a fab loss!!! It will spur you into week 2. :)

  20. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    Day 7- woke up a little tired/niggling headache but almost gone! Doesnt help that my baby has been poorly all week and side effects of LT. On a positive I feel happier. Think i'm excited about my first weigh in tomorrow. I'd love 10lbs off.
  21. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    You have done very well to hang in there Nai especially with your baby not feeling great...fingers crossed you get your 10lb but don't be disappointed if it is less as it will come off week by week.

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