I just dont get it :o(


I've been on SW for 11 weeks now and I've just shifted my first stone. Thing is I'm hardly sinning (38 this week) and working out 3 x a week yet I only lost half a pound.

It seems when I'm bad I loose and when I'm good nothing happens. Getting a little demotivated now. Especially watching it drop off others putting in less effort :eek:(
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Have you been keeping a food diary?

Definitely been having 1/3 off your plate of superfree?


Not sure I've done enough exercise for muscle yet lol but thank you :)

I've kept a religious diary and I'm piling on the fruit & veg each meal :(


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A stone in 11 weeks? Thats about 1.4lbs a week? Seems healthy! Slimming world isn't about dropping lots if weight quickly. Its about living a healthy life, and at the moment you are losing a totally healthy amount of weight each week. It didn't go on overnight, it won't come off overnight.

Sw teaches us to live healthily longterm, so in the longrun you're doing yourself a favour losing like this. Stick with it and have faith!