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I just don't get it - sushi related question!

Hi all

First time poster here so sorry if I'm being a dullard!

Can someone explain to my why Sushi has a syn value - I just don't understand.

I get that the ones with cream cheese in the middle are going have a bit of syn about them but what about the ones that are just rice with a bit of prawn or salmon on top or the rice with a bit of pepper or cucumber in the middle - surely there can't be anything synful in those?

Do the syn values in the basic foods include the wasabi and pickled ginger? I never eat those bits so am I counting syns that I haven't actually had?

Sorry if this has been discussed before I did do a search of the forum and couldn't see it.

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It is SW being lazy!

In the old days of red/green you would have had to syn the rice on a red day and syn the fish on a green day. When EE was introduced they told us to take the lowest syn value of the red/green amounts- but this doesn't account for all red/green food being free even when in the same meal as with EE. (hope I am making sense)

This is a big gripe of mine!

I eat sushi all the time as it is my FAVOURITE food of all- as long as I am confident that it contains no mayo, cream cheese or sesame seeds then I count it as free

Thank you that makes perfect sense - I'll keep it free as you suggest and just go for syns on the creamy / seedy ones!

I've been doing SW (second time round) for 4 mths and I thought I had a pretty good grasp of how it worked but the Sushi thing has always bemused me!

I can sleep easy now!!


Is a crunchy mama!
In sushi making the rice is dressed with a sugar & vinegar solution, it's not plain rice so syns come in there as well.
Glad to put your mind at rest- lol

There are some syns in roasted seaweed- it is half a syn per sheet, but the amount they use on one piece makes it negligible. You may want to be prudent and just say 1 syn overall, but I don't think a few slivers of seaweed will make much difference.

Wasabi is 2.5 syns per 1 level tablespoon (although you would have to be insane to eat that much- it would blow your head off) and pickled ginger I have always counted as free as it's ingedients are free

Don't know where you live, but in Manchester there is a superb sushi place that is very cheap in the printworks called 'wasabi'- this may be no use to you but it is my favourite place in the world- much nicer than Yo Sushi

Sorry- I tend to go on a bit lol



Is a crunchy mama!
I do love a good sushi! There's a new place near my work where you have your sushi freshly made for you from a selection of fillings. I love the fact that I can choose which fillings I want and hold the mayo, avocado etc. That way I can keep the syns to a minimum.

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