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i just wandered why .........?


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hi everone ive got a query now i hope i dont offend anyone but i just saw the following article and wandered if anyone would have any incline as to why the poor girl dont do a vlcd like exante?
the reason cant be money because if your buying that amount of food each week its got to be more than what we pay on exante.
anyway have a look Georgia Davis is Britain’s first quarter-of-a-ton teen – topping 40st at 17 | The Sun |News
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all i can say is god damn, some people really do let themselves go

x Nee x

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How sad, she managed to lose so much then regain it back plus some more in such a short time!

Dont you wish you could help :(


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It is very sad and I blame her Mum for this. She is overweight herself and seems to not be in the least bit inclined to help her Daughter.
Having said that, she's 17 years old and surely doesn't need to rely on her Mum to cook for her? I was making my own meals at 14 after deciding to be vegetarian!


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I saw another article that said her mum got her chippy for dinner cause she had no time to make healthy food....

Thats almost child abuse... this woman has obviously been doing this to her daughter from a very young age.. flippin disgrace


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thats what i thought about the chippy and thought whats more quick than a shake.


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I wont judge the poor girl but her mum. We do this to our kids by giving them chips for dinner or take aways, sweets and all that junk more often than we should. She didn`t put on that weight overnight, it started when she was young. Yes she needs the HELP now, but instead of being laughed at people need to realise that this problem is spreading amongst our children.

My son is autistic and if it was up to him he would eat chips, pasta and chocolate cake all his life. Its my responsibility as his mother to say no. I have stopped buying treats all the time coz they were becoming a way of life. Today he was going out with his carer and I said instead of MacDs he should have subway lunch. He wasn`t happy when I said it but when he came back he said it was good. Others would argue and say subway isnt that healthy but its a step in the right direction. If my kids are fat its my fault coz as a mother I give them that food. Its also important to encourage kids to go to sport clubs etc so that it is a part of their lifestyle. As parents we can only try but in this instance I blame the mum :mad:!!!!


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I found it quite shocking to read that article. To think she lost 15 stone only to put on 22 afterwards. All of us here know that losing weight is tough so I'm really shocked that she let it happen again.

This is going to sound harsh but whoever paid for her initial trip to the weight loss camp must be quite annoyed that in the end it was worthless.

There is defiantly two sides to this story, on one hand after she got back from the weight loss camp she needed to have support from her mum, instead of being told she had no time to cook prepare something healthy, that would certainly put a downer on her whole success from the trip. But on the other hand, like someone else on here said, she was and is more than capable of sorting out her own meals, and she is an adult now. I think that serious counselling is the only way for her to get over the issues she has.

I hope she can get help, knowing she has managed to loss weight in the past should motivate her.

Going back to spyro's comment, I think a vlcd may work, it definitely wouldn't work out more expensive than what she is currently eating, but medical supervision is a must considering her diabetes.


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That's shocking bless her. Her mum should have helped nip it in the bud before she got out of hand weight wise. not good for health at all x


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I agree, Star. She will soon be 18, old enough to vote, etc. It's about time she took some responsibility for her actions. Personally, I have lost and regained weight many times, it's harder than it looks to maintain the weight loss! Thankfully, this time I have nipped it in the bud at the 2 stone mark, rather than pile on my 6 stone and more!! Also, I haven't had thousands of pounds invested in me, through boot camps, psychologists, etc, etc.

She has to knuckle down, and put into practice all the things she learned at boot camp!


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Blimey, bit surprised at some of the unsympathetic comments. Yes she's almost an adult but these habits have been learnt over a long time and her mother was probably brought up the same. Most of us here have been making exactly the same mistakes for years and we're all adults!


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babs11 said:
Blimey, bit surprised at some of the unsympathetic comments. Yes she's almost an adult but these habits have been learnt over a long time and her mother was probably brought up the same. Most of us here have been making exactly the same mistakes for years and we're all adults!
Yes but I'm taking total responsibility for the weight problems I have. They're not down to my mum. I as a teenager then as an adult made a choice if what went in my mouth. My weight is the fault of absolutely no one but myself

I don't want to sound unsympathetic but I don't think it's fair to blame her mother - would people blame mine?


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It's tragic I mean what can you say. I don't think apportioning blame is really going to help but for the record I'd definately bring it down on the side of the parents. True she is an adult now but she hasn't been for the past many years shes just been allowed to grow so out of control.

You need a supportive framework around you when you are young and impressionable. When she came back from her clinic how could her mum buy fish and chips I mean... what was she thinking?

Which gets me back to this whole thing about blame not really helping. The way I see it unfortunately both mum and daughter must be lacking the intelligence they need to get them through this which is why I think they are not really that blameworthy.

Daughter has been registered carer for her mum since the age of 10! Her mum probabally wants her to stay in the house forever to help her? I feel sorry for the girl if her mum does happen to depart before her, because once the carers money she is getting is stopped I dont know how on earth she'll be able to support her lifestyle.

I really hope some kind of miracle happens and she loses it again


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...................yes as nearly an adult she is old enough to make up her own mind about what she puts in her mouth now but as babs11 said those habits were formed over years and years of being fed the wrong type/amounts of food. I too was a fat child/teenager and an on off fat adult and I do blame my parents for my weight problems as it all definitely stemmed from my childhood as no one else but my parents were controlling what I ate as I grew up & out.:mad::sigh::mad:


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Ok I accept her initial weight issues were down laregely to parenting but Im sorry she spent how many months at camp being fully educated in diet, food and what was healthy. She ate good healthy food and saw the results to her weight. She saw nutritionalists, food psychologists, trainers, the works so once shed lost the weight she had a far better understanding and advantage than most of us. Despite all that education and knowledge given to her she then went on to gain 22 stone!! She had all the tools and then some, she could have tried to re educate her mother and she would be more aware of the damage and implications that her 'new' diet was going to have.
The people at the boot camp didnt just help her lose the weight they gave her the best ever start to help maintain

Yes her mother is responsible to a large part for her getting to her pre camp weight but her new weight gain, she really has to take responsibility for herself


I will never give up
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ooohh so how can we e-mail her to tell her about ex-arn-tey lol shes prob never heard of it.


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I think if she has put on 22 stone after all that help, she has got to have major problems and maybe is past help? She cant be helped until she wants help, and food has too strong a pull on her right now I guess :(