I just want to be healthy and fit - will I be successful

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  1. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Hi guys,:wave_cry:

    I am totally new to this forum and this is the first time I am writing a diary to hopefully put my thoughts down as well as (fingers crossed) motivate me to lose weight.

    I have always been overweight since I was a young kid. And I am fed up now, I know I am not as active as I should be and as a result I get tired quicker and hence then am not as active as I should be again! Kind of stuck in a vicious circle. I have three young kids and I want to be more active with them and not be scared of going out with them incase I won't be able to do the activities they want to do.

    In the past, I have managed to lose weight but then I got married and slowly but surely it all creeped back on.

    Today I have done two things towards helping me lose weight.
    1. I have ordered a fitbit one (don't like the flex as I don't want to advertise I am a fatty trying to lose weight)
    2. Have dug out my old slimming world books so that I can try and get back into the EE plan.

    My downfalls are the evenings, I sit and then think ooo let me get a snack - but its rarely a healthy snack *sigh*

    I know my weight problems are my responsibilty but for some reason I lack the motivation to do anything about it. And as a result I am letting my family down, but more then anything I am letting myself down. Why am I struggling when I should be so motivated? Life would be so much easier for me. :confused:

    Anyway hopefully this is the start of something new. I may start posting just for the sake of posting in my diary to avoid snacking.:rolleyes:

    signing out for now
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  3. believer77

    believer77 Full Member


    First day wasn't too bad. I managed to avoid snacking in the evening, had a late night and coming on to 11 was feeling the nibbles but somehow managed to ignore them and went to bed.

    The day itself could have been better. I ended up having a bit of the kids food as they wanted takeaway but at the same time it was just a bit and also had a salad which was quite yummy. I have realised I don't like salad cold (didn't take too long lol) so instead kept it out for a bit before eating and had it with jacket potato with quark and baked beans. Lunch was a speedy noodle from Lidl so not a bad day all in all.

    Let's see what today brings. Fitbit one is being delivered today! I can't wait.
  4. CrazyCatLady

    CrazyCatLady Full Member

    Hi just wanting to wish you luck. I've just started too and I'm also following Slimming World x
  5. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Hi crazycatlady,

    Thanks. Good luck to you too.
  6. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Today something has been stopping me from eating badly. I have managed to stay away from junk. The evenings are the hardest but so far so good today.

    I did have a slice of left over pizza bit that in itself was an achievement as previously I would have had more then one.

    I received my fitbit one today. Yay! I can't believe it is tracking rightly though as it states I have done over 2000 steps since 4pm but I've only been going after the kids, Cooking etc. But I like the way it's really discrete no one needs to know I am wearing one.

    It is motivating though. In addition to keeping a food diary in my fitness pal and sticking to slimming world it helps seeing what I have achieved and the calories I have burnt.

    I need to start incorporating some exercise into my day. Maybe a walk in the evening or even a bit of time on the exercise bike which is currently sitting unused in my bedroom.

    Over and out for today.
  7. CrazyCatLady

    CrazyCatLady Full Member

    sounds like its going well x
  8. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    me again,

    thanks crazycatlady.

    I finally got on the exercise bike today! yahoo! only did 5 minutes which I know isn't great but at least I motivated myself to get on there. I think I would have lasted longer if I had music to listen to but unfortunately my son was playing games on it at the time *sigh* My plan is to do at least another 5 minutes later on today.

    Lunch was ok - had a lidl speedy noodle, not the best I know but easy to make up :eat:

    Need to get some superfree foods in and get into the habit of eating those more or not. I was running a little low of salad type stuff yesterday so put in an apple, it was actually a really nice addition and my eldest today asked for salad but with apples in. So at least it went down well with two of us :)
  9. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Yay to me. Managed another 5 mins on the exercise bike today. Which is good. Have been ok food wise today have managed not to have any junk food. Was tempted to have a biccie with my coffee but managed to avoid it (no idea how).

    The fitbit is motivating me, I managed 10 flights of stairs in total today without even trying. but I'm also surprised how much I walk around the house doing bits and bobs. So I guess my main problem is what I eat.

    One failing I have is I eat fast. I know I don't chew my food as much as I should do. I need to figure out a way to teach myself to chew x times. I think because I don't I never realise I am full.

    Bed time. Nighty night
  10. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    I have shocked myself by keeping to this new way of eating so long. Today started off well breakfast being porridge with water and lunch being grilled chicken and boiled rice with salad. Dinner though was a chicken sharwarma :/. And had a small samosa and cheese thing. But I stopped at that which I would never have done before. Also went to someone's house and was offered juice and Indian sweets and flapjacks. But I said no to everything! Wasn't even tempted.

    However from tomorrow should be good. I went shopping today got fat free Greek yogurts and frozen fruits. Also got a lot of frozen vegetables which most are superfree so from tomorrow I can properly plan meals.

    Oo also managed 25 minutes on the exercise bike. Was in three sessions but 25 mins more then I was doing last week. Also according to fit bit have done over 10000 steps today which is always good! Went for a long walk in the evening and went shopping during the day so I guess it added up.

    Feeling happyish today :)
  11. ella78

    ella78 Full Member

    Hi Believer, just popping in to subscribe.

    Start weight: 18.7
    Prep week: 17.13 (-8lbs)
    Week 1:
  12. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Today had been a good day!

    Welcome Ella :)

    I managed 30 minutes on the exercise bike in two 15 minute sessions. On Wednesday I only managed 10 minutes, so by trying in have realised I am capable of more. However my thighs are so sore now lol.

    Food wise today was actually decent too. The bad bit was I had a bit of cake and a chocolate piece my brother brought back from holiday. But it was only a small piece of cake and one bit of chocolate. So quite proud of myself. Also dinner was at mums which was burger and chips. I took some slimming world chips and ate those. And managed 1/3 plate of salad and had one burger.

    For breakfast I put some porridge oats, fat free yogurt and frozen berries in the fridge last night and lunch was a omelette with peppers, onion and mushrooms. Together with a speedy noodle which is 122 calories so not too bad.

    I'm actually please with how I did today. I also made a syn free soup which I can eat the nxt few days.

    Tomorrow is going to be a major test as going to work so taking oats and yogurt mix for breakkie. Speedy noodle and syn free soup for lunch. Will take some fruit in also. Don't know how I will manage 30 mins on the bike tomorrow but will see.


    Hopefully tomorrow will be good. I want to be slim and I am trying. Fitbit is also motivating me.
  13. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    ok i was too tired, ended up working from home again. In a way a good thing as I have excuses to get up from my desk, whereas at the office I will only get up if I have a reason to.

    Breakfast was yummy had a cup of coffee with it, using skimmed milk so all good :) Sleep wasn't great last night, hence being unable to get up this morning to travel to work but never mind.

    I really hope I have lost something come my weigh-in. I know my eating hasn't been brilliant, but its 90% there, I will be so disappointed if I am still 17st5lb come Wednesday. But if it comes to that I guess it will show theres something I am doing wrong food wise.

    I had packed a whole heap of snacks for work today, mainly fruit and low fat goodies, I have put them all back now apart from the fruit, hopefully as at home won't get as peckish as at work (so she hopes).
  14. denise42

    denise42 Silver Member

    Hi believer.. I hope you dont mind i have subscribed to your blog, i have just started back on SW at home and would love to share tips n ideas.

    good luck on this journey x
  15. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Let's start on today..

    Denise42 the more the merrier :)

    Breakfast was again porridge oats with fat free yogurt and frozen fruits. It's a bit strong :D after brushing teeth in the morning but it is moreish.

    Snacks today were an apple, pear, a pack of cheese and onion squares and a poppy and sesame seed thin.

    I was feeling more hungry today maybe I need to tweak my meals a bit. Lunch was a small portion of left over syn free omelette and syn free home made vegetable soup. ( I ended up having a warburtons thin sandwich with tomato and Philadelphia light)

    Dinner was a small portion of rice, Spinach curry (without oil), and a large portion of salad. I had half a chapati too.

    I think might have overdone the syns today *sigh* will need to rethink tomorrow. I am trying to make porridge with couscous over night lets see how that turns out - it will either be a disaster or turn out fabulous!

    Exercise wise - I managed 30 minutes on the exercise bike. Yay! And this too in 20 min and 10 min session. I can't believe the proffer I have made on that in less then a week. Watching dexter on netflix while cycling has made a big difference as I stop clock watching. I want to achieve a 30 minute session once a day within a week or so. It's just being overweight an exercise bike is not the most comfortable place to sit :p

    I had to drop off my eldest boy at his friend's house today and on the way back my 1 year old decided she wanted a walk. So I took her and the 4 year old around the block.
    My daughter'a behaviour when walking around the block made me realise how quickly I have given up on losing weight before. The number of times she almost fell but just carried walking on; despite me asking if she wants to go home or be picked up. Whereas if I fall off the wagon I just think there's no point let me just eat everything and anything. I could learn so much for her.

    It's almost been a week on this plan. I have been doing ok not going off course too much and this is partly to do with the fitbit. I feel I want to get to goal every day. As in get enough steps done on a daily basis.

    One change I want to try and do tomorrow is (if I get up early enough) to do a walk before work, especially when working from home. Will meaning waking up at 6am, but will mean I will more likely reach 10,000 steps I need to be doing.

    Anyway signing out for today.

  16. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    I had to add a funny occurrence to my diary.

    I was was just under my 10k steps on the fitbit and also under my 10 set of stairs target. So silly old me has been pacing around the bathroom while brushing my teeth and going upstairs an extra time to get to target.

    But it worked! So now going to bed a happy bunny trying to avoid the urge to eat more.

    roll on Tuesday
  17. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    hello diary :)

    Quick morning update - couscous with yogurt and frozen berries is lovely! A lot better then I thought it would be.
    Also the walk this morning didn't happen :/ Reason being I am ill, suddenly I have a really sore throat and feel not great. So couldn't get out of bed.

    oh well, lets see what today brings :)
  18. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Ok. Breakfast has already been covered

    Lunch was
    Syn free vegetable soup and a speedy noodles from lidl and left over salad

    A small portion of chicken biryani (home made) saag - in essence just boiled cabbages with green chillies all blended up. With a massive side salad

    War burton thins with teaspoon of Philadelphia light
    Boiled egg
    A sainsburys poppy and sesame thin

    I'm still under 1200 calories so will need to have something else. Not sure about how I am syn wise but will see.

    Exercise wise - 30 minutes on the exercise bike!!! I managed a 25 and 5 minute session. So very happy with that.

    I feel really off today have a cold so feel out of sorts - really could just have comfort foods but I won't. Hopefully will be feeling better tomorrow.

    Tomorrow is weigh in day so really hope I have lost something.

    That's all for now
  19. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Oh hum I might have screwed up :/
    Just had a couple of spoons of saag, a bit of left over burger, a pack of squares a Special K biscuit and a boiled egg lol

    Not good

    Oh well
  20. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Well looks like the being careful with food and doing the exercise bike is paying off!!

    Had a lovely birthday present when I did my weigh in.

    I lost 4 lb!!! Yes!!!!! I was hoping I would get a decent loss of maybe 2lb as haven't been following slimming world properly.

    Hopefully this is the start of more of the same :)

    Good luck to anyone else weighing in today.
  21. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    just checking to see if my signature works :)

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