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I know I should only weigh once a week but....


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How many days through are you?

Pretty sure a lot of us get on the scales more than once a week. Don't stress about changes over two days and keep going with what your doing. Keep drinking the water and think of the Ketones coming out of your body with every wee.

Sure it's nothing to worry about and the weight will go.

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I'm now 9 days. List 4lb in week 1 but scales not budged since.


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Thanks. Im just too impatient


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it's because you are already a skinny minny lol :cool:
But I have come down over the last couple of years from 12 st 4. So just passed the 3 stone mark!!
I think you're going to have to be realistic and not expect the same rate of weight loss as those who have more to lose. You may find that your weekly loss this week is much lower.


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I hope it's not lower. I can lose 2-3 lb a week at ww and still eat!!!
Starlight said:
Bet you couldn't ;)

On exante you WILL lose 2 to 3 EVERY week, probably more. On WW you're looking at 1 - 2 and few people manage 2 every single week. At your weight you'd probably be looking at 0.5/1.5 a week
How do you work out what your looking at losing roughly per week? I know everyone is different but what can I expect for my weight of 13st 12lbs? ;-)
I think Exante diet is the best one for losing constant weight .... I tried WW and lost an average of 2lbs per week and then some weeks I stayed the same. This is by far the best ever to reach your goal a lot quicker only if you stick to what your are allowed to have! x

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