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I know it comes up over and over...

I have it fairly regular and have never noticed going out of Ketosis, I don't use the sticks just going on how I feel ie not hungry afterwards
Drunk quite a bit of it (guilty secret coming out here...) wee'd on lots of sticks and still merrily in ketosis. Goal for next week. NO COKE ZERO!
Tried it but hated the taste(I was seriously addicted to coke -all kinds- before CD)-I was so upset cos I was looking forward to it so much.LOL


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I drink it too. :D Ssshhh....
Before the diet I was addicted to full fat coke, drank at least 6 cans a day..... I have just started to have just 1 can a day (coke zero), kept in the fridge and sips every now and then, between the litres of water of course. It's never kicked me out of the K state (and I pee on the sticks often, too often) but it keeps me going on the diet. But I do miss full fat coke!!!
they have 7up zero now too. Nearly bought some the other day, but I think the favourings are cheaper.
no pepsi max!!!!!!!! coke zero doesn't have citric acid in it.......xx
dr pepper is ok as well I think....xx
Hello - new to all this having just started this week. First thread Ive read already I feel more positive!

So now I don't feel guilty about the few Coke Zeros I have this week!

Thanks guys
i actually like the fact that Im not craving it or thinking about it so I wont have it. I hope even after im finished with CD that I never have it again. But thats just me:)


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I'm not usually a fan of fizzy drinks but I have been having a Coke Zero every day just for something a bit more interesting to drink, it's like a little treat. It's never kicked me out of ketosis :)
I consider myself corrected....:)
Pepsi max doesn't have citric acid in it either, its malic acid.
Hmm the bottle I have does...
Carbonated Water, Colour (Caramel E150d), Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame K), Phosphoric Acid, Flavourings (Including Caffeine), Preservative (Sodium Benzoate), Citric Acid


I stand doubly corrected on both the malic acid and the citric acid aspects

*hangs head in pepsi coloured shame*

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