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I look like a pregnant lady whos crapped her pants!


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Okay.. so I did sw last year started in January and lost 3.5..stopped for christmas and put a stone back on.

I joined again last week. Thought I'd better get back into exercise. Had brought Bob Harper (Biggest Loser USA Trainer) Cardio Conditioning dvd.. watched it through and even the people doing it with him were like "no more!!" Thought I'd try.

I managed to do 10 mins.. I now walk like a pregnant lady who has pooed her pants! My thighs are so tight I am waddling.. and my back keeps spazing if I lean to far forward.. needless to say it takes me about 30 secs to bend down to get something off the floor.

I just thought I'd share! My mum found it very amusing when I told her that I saw someone that I quite fancy.. she said why didnt you tell him whats up.. I said telling someone that you tried to do an exercise dvd and only managed 10 mins and those 10 mins actually crippled you wouldn't be embarassing at all would it?!!? :cry:
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Ha ha ha LOL! Hope you feel better soon!


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im sure if you take it easier the next time you wont pull any more muscles.....i think little and often is the idea :) xxx


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Haha sounds painful, it can take time up if your not used to doing an exercise dvd - you soon get your strength up, so don't give up, just take it easy x


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You have my sympathy Stacie. First time I tried one of Davina's DVD's I ended up walking like John Wayne for 2 days :cool:


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did you stretch and warm up before and warm down afterwards?? I've been told it helps to stop the muscles from taking too much damage and from tightening up when you finish..


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davina mccall's body buff dvd is quite good..and its got a good 10 minute warm up at the start too :)


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I don't know about anyone else, but I start doing these things, I get warm, sweating, feeling the burn, at the point of taking a little breather and the toned, tight, energetic instructors yell "Excellent, thats our warm up done now lets crack on and get serious!" Its at that point I collapse!

I am sure it will get easier!


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S: 20st3.5lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 40.4 Loss: 1st11.5lb(8.99%)
yesterday I had to take 2 lots of pain killers.. it took me about 20 secs to reach down to the floor! I did struggle lots! my back isnt as bad today but my legs are still proper sore!.. ah well! When I stop aching so bad I will give the wii a go again.. even though I was in pain it was quite funny lol xx


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Oh bless you! But trust me it does get easier. When I started EA Sports Active 18 months ago I had to use the lift at work after the first 2 days as I couldn't come downstairs!
I started the 30 Day Shred on Monday and my quads are really sore today, but I keep telling myself it's a good feeling!