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I made a picture of my weeks food


Losing the baby fat
Oh wow that is very clever! I am on my phone so cant actually make out whats on the sandwich or what the main meals are, I will look later when I get on the lappy....

And fantastic being 4lbs down already...
How many calories are in a slice of bread then? I will have to work mine out as I dont use shop bought bread, I have made my own for the last 5 years!

Also how did you make you're picture I really love it x
Haha that is a brill way of not cheating.

I have worked out my bread to be 125 cals if I get 15 slices out of the loaf. I do tend to avoid bread where possible as it often gives me stomach cramps but sometimes I just really feel like a butty of bit of toast!
Wow that's a great idea!! Really helps illustrate it, and if you plan the week out, I find it easier to stick to! Great idea well done, and 4lb wahooooo!!! :D


Losing the baby fat

I forgot my snack yesterday and didnt realise till I did my pics OOPS!
I can plan next weeks shopping list from it haha, and make sure theres enough fruit and veg in there.

redmel you could have half a slice of bread and half a small banana in for your 100 cals, suprisingly satisfying when you fancy a bit of stodge!

Its not my official weigh in till tomorrow but I am 5lb down for the week - just got to hope I dont undo it all on my day off tomorrow!
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How was yr weigh in Rowan? Love yr idea of taking pics of yr food!!

Day 1 for me today!! I'm starving before I've even tried it xxx
OMG That is bloody FANTASTIC....well done to you xxx
Wow!!!! Well done Rowan!!!! :)
Just bought a blender and it doesn't work lol. I keep getting waves of hunger then it disappears. Just ignoring it for now!!

What's yr Plans for today xxx
Cheese toasties *drool*

Glad you enjoyed your day off....you certainly deserve it x
Hmmmmm cheese toasties!!! I had veggie chilli and rice at the pub which I hope is no more than 700 cals (saved a snack)!!

Keep up the fantastic work Rowan!!! xxx
I've not tried slim and save but am doing a vlcd. Not tried slimfast so can't compare. The good thing about vlcd is that they make sure you get 100% of the nutrition your body needs. Slimfast doesn't claim that because of course it is not a total food replacement it is intended for replacing individual meals so it is up to you to get the nutrition you need from your other meals.

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