i made it through day one!!!


Getting there!!!
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i did it...i got through today,,,by god was i tempted!! im so proud! :) i added photos too of me 2 stone lighter. you cant really see much so ill get a full lenght one soon! thanks for all the support peoples and congrats everyone on the losses today!
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Well done on getting through day 1 - the first couple of days are the hardest - It does get a lot easier !!


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congrats on getting through day one!! its my first day tomorrow - i'm slightly scared but excited too! I keep getting thoughts that this diet has worked for so many people, but it won't work for me. Hopefully it is going to prove me wrong!!!


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Well done and be proud of yourself. I think day 1 is definitely the worst. Good luck for the remainder of your journey.


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Well done on getting through day 1 , it does get easier - honestly.
Soon you will be going for your 1st weigh in and you will wonder where the 1st week went. Good luck with your weight loss journey.


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wuhoo! well done xx


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Keep the good work, congrats! :D


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Well done on getting to day one, ya look much younger with your hair darker but ya can defintely see the difference, gud luck for day 2


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WOW! Nicki26 have just looked at your numbers & your pics. You have done an amazing job. You're such an inspiration! If you can do it, I can do it!! Thanks for your incentive!

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Positive and focused!
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I know how you feel well done!XX :)


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thanks nicki26! your weight loss is unbelievable! congrats! :eek:)


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woohoo well done :)