I Met one of my Goals tonight. Very Happy


Finally...Life begins
In one of my posts a few weeks back, i made a list of my goals.

One of them was to be able to take a bath with my daughter and still have room to move about with her.


I was bathing her and she kept saying Mummy Barf, mummy Barf! Lol, so I thought sod, it ill try, it was great, we ended up playing for 45 mins, came out all wrinkly! She couldn't sit next to me like she does with her dad, but she managed to sit in between my legs and there was still room for movement and water!!

One achievement I didnt think I could do for a few more months!

Oh also have to add

When I went to london recently, on the tube the arms didn't dig in! I didnt take up one and a bit chairs on the train, people sat next to me!

Very pleased!!:D :D :D

Have to review my goals again soon!

Hubby couldn't understand why I was so happy that I managed to take a bath with Abi, but then I think only those that have challenged the lack of room in a bath would understand!!
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Oh WOW!!! :D That is fab....you wait until you're sitting in the bath and realise that you've got B.A.S!!! Bony Arse Syndrome!!! :D :D :D
Hi Ajax

That's so lovely I can feel how thrilled you are coming out of the post!

I love your new photo too WOW you look lovely and just so vibrant.

Those fed up days are a far distant memory.

Enjoy your weekend and swimming in the new cossy.

Dizzy x
That's lovely Ajax - I bet your daughter was so happy - won't be long before you'll be sharing the bath with the OH;) :eek: ....mmmm nice!

I love your new picture by the way - you look so different already - and even happier that the other one....keep it up your doing so well.

Glad to hear too that you got yourself a cossie - hope you have a great time on the hen weekend.

Take care
I hate the bath!! Its only because for years I have hated the fact that when I try to budge myself down to have a soak, I end up with no water behind my Arse because have have usually created a well with my thighs. We inherited the current bath when we moved in. The previous owners purchased one that was shaped in the middle so it is a bit figure of 8 shaped. No consideration for the new fat arsed & thighed owner that was going to was going to buy the house off them. I have not braved it yet to see if it still happens. I dont want to disappoint myself!!!! :( :(

I treated myself last week to a body wrap last for a treat for finishing my 14 weeks of LL and have not had one since Nov 2005. The shop still had my measurements from then and I have lost 43 inches since then. I was not even at my LL start weight as I had put on a stone since then. I texted my friend and she said oh my god thats 3ft 6 inches :eek:
Hey honey, that is truly fantastic!!! I remember the first time i didn't create a dam in the bath after i let the plug out - was a really wow factor moment!!!

Believe me there are so many of those moments still to come, so stick with it you are doing absolutely brilliantly!!!!!