I met someone at my CDC house!!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Hi everyone!

Well, she text me Monday about this young man at her husbands company, and then when I got weighed on Thursday, he only turned up didnt he!!!

I have wrote about it on my blog, you can see it at the end of the latest post - oh and for all the lovers of Jimmy Choo shoes, read my story about yesterday.......I think I am still walking on air!!

Hiya Lauren!

Hiya sweetpea!

Wow .. just caught up with your blog ... what a mad time you've had ..... and what a b**** your flat mate was .... I would personally like to give her a thump on the nose for you buddy! lol!

Ooooh Jimmy Choos ... am sooo jealous!!!! They sound beautiful!

I am 10st 7 but STILL TRYING to squeeze into 12's so I'm no where near a 10 yet .... just goes to show how different everyone is ..... oh well .... I'll keep trying!

Had a bit of a poo week and weekend and have eaten so much (naughty) but back on track today ....

Hi Hayley,

How tall are you? Because I am around 10 stone 7 and am a size 10 now (as u know i keep going on in my blog!) I thought you were about the same height?

Eeek I am nervous - I am going out with him tonight! God he said yesterday that he was nervous and now I am nervous!

Gawd - the shoes are beautiful - I love them, I keep putting them on and looking at them!

Water water water - i havent been drinking all of mine but my councellor says that it really keeps the weight off.

Good luck you, you should email me

[email protected]

I'm 5ft 2 ..... so not too much difference in height ... I must just be a strange shape lol!!!

Ooooh good luck on your date matey!!!

Will deffo email you ... have fun ;)
Email me and let me know how the date goes [email protected]