I must, I must lose my muffin top!


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Hi all,

I'm new here and I've been reading all the threads with interest!

I have a long-term plan of being healthy, eating sensibly with no muffin top. However, I also have a more immediate goal of shifting as much weight as I can by 19th of Feb (I'm hoping for 10lbs) as I'm attending my friend's wedding. I really don't want my big protruding belly to be forever imprinted in all my friends' photo albums!

Anyhow, I am starting tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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Good luck and welcome to the board. You will definitely have 10lbs off by then btw.

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Good luck. You'll do great I'm sure :D
Good luck!

I know how you feel, having gained a lot over the Christmas holidays. I have lost 5lb but have a stone to go to get back to size 12 (I lost ten stones to get to that size).

I mainly rely on vegetarian low-carbing as it suits me, and because I find VLCD's impossible to stick to for more than a couple of days. The results I know are fantastic but somehow TFR is beyond me.

Well done all you sole sourcers!



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Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!

You will definitely have 10lbs off by then btw.

I suppose that depends a lot on my will power. :D

I have lost 5lb but have a stone to go to get back to size 12 (I lost ten stones to get to that size).

Best of luck with your last stone. And losing 10 stones is absolutely amazing! I haven't tried food replacement diet before (but I've tried Atkins, Dukan, Go Lower, JUDDD and calorie counting!) so I've no idea how well I'll do and whether or not I'll be able to stick with it. But I'll do my best. Bye bye food... :wave_cry:

Anyway, I know it's only 9am, but so far so good! ;) I have with me a bottle of coke zero, a bottle of water and a little tin of John West no drain tuna chunks in spring water. The tin of tuna is for damage control in case of an emergency when I can't help myself but cheat. I've learnt from my other diets to always keep an emergency supply of least bad food nearby for when my will power crumbles. Otherwise I end up gorging on crisps and chocolate!

Have a successful day everyone! I'll update later this evening.



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I made it through my first day! No cheating! :D

I was soooo hungry around 6pm but drank 2 big glasses of water and didn't give in!

Now I have to cook dinner for hubby. :( I think it's going to have to be a one-pot-meal where I just bung everything in a pot and let it cook itself in the oven. He can dish it out himself once it's done. This way, there will always be a safe distance between me and cooked food! :cool:

Anyhow, I hope tomorrow gets a little easier. I'm off to drink my bouillon!
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