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i need a wii fit......


hates diets
can you all help me....i REALLY want a WII fit and am prepared to drive to get one....ive checked all my local shops and they area ll sold out....can you do me a favour i obviously dont know all your post codes etc if any of you live within maybe 70 miles of shropshire north or south could you run a search on net of your local argos, currys, comet , woolworths, tesco for me...and if someone has one in stock let me know!!!!
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please try again
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my sis is going for that deal through orange

i was umming and arring over getting one but couldnt justify the cost
and now there sold out again


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There was one at Argos in Fleet, Hampshire this morning. My husband was even up for the 4 hour return drive! :D

Fortunately though, I haven't already got the Wii so have ordered a bundle from Comet with free delivery for Wednesday. Can't wait! :D

Just ordering Wii Play(with free extra remote) and an extra nunchuck from Amazon now :)
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how much is a wii then?? and is the wii fit a disc that you add to it??

you can tell that I'm way behind in the technology department...at age 34 I'm now over the hill with things like...FACEBOOK, and whatever else is out there.....

I need to bring myself up to date...

any info on wii's would be appreciated as my hubby thinks they look good on the adverts...so we may end up with one :D if we can find one that is...seems they are hard to find??


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I'm nearly 37 so you're not old!!! :D

I've just paid £285 for a Wii console+Wii Sports+Wii Fit+Super Paper Mario game+Battery Pack & Cover for Wii Fit which I think is good(Wii console+sports is £180, Wii fit is £70 but unavailable almost everywhere, battery and cover £13 each plus game). Not really saved much on RRP but I have one coming and I'm a happy bunny :D

Check out http://ms2.nintendo-europe.com/wiifit/enGB/ :)
aw thanks amanda,

I'll be sure to check out your link as soon as I've woken my little girl :eek: it's 10.45am, looks like she'll be up all night again. still, it's the Summer Holidays :eek: she's 3 1/2 years old...
I just got carried away on this forum,,,it's soooooooo addictive :D:D still havent had breakie yet, I'm fammished. :eek:

thanks again amanda
xxx jo


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Totally out of stock within a 40 mile radius of where i live in doncaster.

so glad OH bought ours a few weeks ago!!!



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if you're not afraid to use ebay theres quiet a few sellers doing huge bundles and selling wii fits; but try and not pay OTT! and use paypal!
I can't remember where I got mine from (I will look when I get home), but what I did was sign up for them to email me when they were back in stock - as soon as the email came I bought it and literally that night they ran out of stock again! Also, I had signed up to game and had an email from them, but the same day they'd come out of stock. So I'd advise to sign up to as many as possible, and then buy it!!
Hi Hun

Try this - its brilliant. Got mine from here. Just register your email and they will email when they are in stock. Also you can have it open on your PC and its updated every 60 seconds - you have to be quick tho!!

Good luck x

Wii Fit in stock checker - £69.99


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i remember when it came out we was in asda around midnight and there was a qeue of ppl waiting but it was no way as long as the line for when Grand Theft Auto! came out!x
I'm still hoping to get one, but haven't had any joy yet :sigh:


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You can register online with Tescos direct and they will email you when the Wii Fits come in stock.


hates diets
ive been on all the web sites mentioned and have registered to have e mail when in....have got family in southampton so may start searching there!!!thanks alot thou everyonexx


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We got 2 from argos and 2 from toys r us ( for family not 2 be greedy n sell at profit) in our area which is middle of nowhere really!!! Sorry hun know its not much help but just dont give up. Sarahxx

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