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I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there,
Im pretty new to the site and am on day 10 of SS. The last three days have been really difficult, I am so tired when the afternoons come, I have a really hectic job and am on my feet doing alot of brisk walking for at least 8 hours a day. Find Im wiped out about 3pm. I kep hearing how you get more energy in ketosis, but this hasnt happened for me, am getting really down with it. Advice PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mel xx
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It definately gets better, but I may seem harder for you as you are doing a lot of physical exercise.

Keep going it wont be long before you feel the benefits.
Hi Ladylite, thanks for the reply, ill hang in there. Is it okay to have another formula if Im feeling really tired? Have heard a few people suggest this but my counsellor is away this weekend, so cant ask?
Mel x


100% all the way!
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Hi there,

I'm new too, and I am finding it hard too! But stick with it. It will be worth it!
I've spoken to someone about your question and it would definatley help your energy levels if you were to have an extra sachet. But to be honest with all the water being drunk on this diet it's pretty uncommon for you to be feeling that way?!

I think it would be better to stick with what you have and wait for your CDC for advice? Or maybe one on here will help you.
Thanks for the advice, ill struggle on for the weekend haha!! will speak to my cdc on monday. Im getting married 5 weeks tomorrow i soooooooo dont want to make a mess of this, the weight ive lost so far is fab!


Fed up of being fat
I get tired as I rush about a fair bit and Im on the 790 plan, dread to think what Id be like on ss. I think Ive heard that some peeps have an extra half pack or a whole pack if they feel they need it or some chicken or a bit of cottage cheese. I found splitting my drinks in half to provide 6 throughout the day helps me too.
Hi missymoo, i split my drinks too, find it alot better as far as the hunger goes.
Ive gt to ask , how d you get the weight ticker your messages?


Fed up of being fat
If you click on my ticker it will take you to the site .. then you just set it up. Then it will give you a link to use which you add to your signature in 'user cp' at the top. The higher posts you have made the more room you get to add things in your signature area .. so get posting .. lol


Fed up of being fat
Yep you have it sorted!

Wow 5 weeks till you get married, how exciting ... are you all sorted, hopefully you're not stressing too much or anything? x
Yes, five weeks, im getting really excited now, im picking up my wedding ring tomorrow.
I keep having moments of nerves, but I cant wait.
Looking forward to seeing all my friends and family in one place.
Ive got my last dress fitting next Saturday, so got to saty positive with the SS.
What kind of meals do you eat on 790 then?


Fed up of being fat
Aw bless, yes can imagine the nerves kick in now and again, I know they would for me. Im sure you can stay strong for another week till your fitting.

On 790 I chop and change meals using: (warning Im talking about food skip rest of this paragraph if you like) chicken, white fish and tuna and add the allowed veg. I also have cottage cheese which I like a lot now, strange as I didnt like it at all before cd? My fave thing at the moment to eat is mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese and baked in the oven.

Oh noooo, I feel awful now talking about food, sorry ... dont look back up there and read it again, remain strong!!
Ha ha, dont worry i havent succumbed, i do like all the above, but im okay, having my last half SS now.
Its sounds okay then, being on the 790, do you get bored of the foods or do you manage okay with them. It all sounds lovely to me at the minute ha ha.

Mel x


Fed up of being fat
I have always done 790, ss just wasnt for me, really admire you and everyone else who can do it though! I love 790, find it very easy to follow, Ive had my fair share of blips during my journey and have had 8 weeks off all told during my journey too but my weight reduction on it is good ... well Im happy with it anyway.

I dont really get bored of the food, I think Im in ketosis now (dont have sticks to check?) and I dont have the full amounts allowed on 790 more aamw amounts and Im stuffed after that. The only shakes I have are the chocolate tetras with hot water added ... haha!! Im so boring I know but didnt get on with the other flavours. Im on day 6 tomorrow of my restart and feeling very positive, its a great feeling and mind place to be in, just hope I dont lose it.


Fed up of being fat
Night Melanie, will add you on FB x

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