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I need some advice guys

Hi, I have been on lipotrim for nearly 10 weeks now, and it's changed my life - I found some discipline from somewhere & have not cheated once.

For all those wavering, force yourself through - it does get easier.

It has been reasonably ok for me with tough moments being on social occasions.

I have lost 64 pounds to date and are nearing my target weight.

Anyway I am on lipotrim for another 17 days before i go on a short city break to Spain.

I'm actually worried about eating & drinking again - I have got to the stage where I am not tempted.

I am worried that I want to do the maintenance properly & going to spain may not be the best start to maintenance.

Can anyone recommend some low carb Spanish meals & what drinks are low in carbs???

I will be able to follow maintenance religiously when I get back - I am only away 4 nights so want to limit any damage.

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my friend just got back from spain whist taking a break on lt. id advice sticking to fish,chickdn and salads plus lots of water.try stear away from the fattning things as all my friend eat out theer was ice cream and rice sure enough she gained 7lbs in 4 days, so think wisley when making food choices.. have a nice holiday tho and show off ur new figure :)
Ive been on LT/Exante for 2 weeks and have planned a holiday at the end of June. I plan to do an atkins based diet for that week, so I am still low carb and then intend to hop straight back onto it.
Nicki, do you have any links or advice about refeed? My pharmacist was useless last time about it and I dont know how to refeed properly.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on sticking with LT and congrats on a great loss. Defo do a proper refeed for a week before you go. Whilst away, watch portion sizes!! Leave it on the plate, eat slowly and avoid heavy sauces, rice, potatoes, pasta, bread as much as possible. Be careful with alcohol too. This is all empty calories which your body will convert to fat! Go easy on it as it gives you a false appetite too!!
Whatever you do, don't stress and enjoy yourself.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Ooooh, thanks!
Hey snake hips,

Congratulations on your excellent weight loss, its amazing, your determination is very inspirational too! I understand the panic feeling you have about re-feeding and eating again (I already have that and I'm not even half way there yet) my advice is definitely do a week of re-feed before the holiday. I have been to Spain lots and the thing I love about it, besides the sunshine, is the delicious wine and food...mmm...however I would definitely suggest going easy on alcohol, especially Sangria which is loaded with calories!! Tapas are also riddled with calories, they are usually made with rich heavy sauces (well the ones I would have ordered) but you could of course order the healthier options like grilled fish or chicken. Just steer clear of things like chorizo, manchego, patatas bravas, olives (its amazing how may of these u can eat!!) bread and oil, serrano ham with lots of fat on it, I guess you could try the gazpacho (cold tomato soup) grilled fish, tomato salads, shellfish, chicken...if you go somewhere and the menu doesn't look that healthy you could order something and eat less of it, maybe stick with salads and definitely have plenty of water!! Have a brilliant time and well done again on your amazing loss :) Also in order to burn any extra calories you could go swimming (it burns lots of calories, it doesn't feel like exercise and its really toning)

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