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I need some help with my first Red Day...


Slow but sure....
Today is the first time that I have had a red day and I have a problem....

We are having Birds Eye Simply fish Chunky Wild Alaska Pollock with Herb Butter Sauce tonight - I have weighed a portion (2 in pack) and it is 150g and I have worked it out as 3½ syns.

My question is - how do I split it to make it a Free food (fish) and then the syns value for the herb butter - or do I just count it all as 3½ syns - I am very confused by it :confused:

I hope I have made myself clear.
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Sweetie, as you know too well, I am not the person to ask lol, but if it was me I would just take the packet and syn it. It all gets too complicated for me when you have to start 'working things out'.
But it all sounds gorgeous....can I come for dinner.? What time. :D


Slow but sure....
I have syned it Debby and it's 3½ syns - so I think I will go with that.

You are welcome to come to dinner Debby, we are having steamed veggies and new potatoes with it, mind the pollock portions are very small, there are 2 in the box and I could quite easily eat them both myself, let alone a man sized appetite, I think I may put a few prawns with it too, see you around 6pm...is that OK for you, X


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I have enough syns left for wine! :D Seriously tho I find the pre-packaged fish portions SO small! I got some pollack half price in Morrisons the other day and had it with spring onions , ginger and lemon juice done in foil for 20 mins last night, free on EE and it was delish! I know it's convenience, but it took no time at all.


Slow but sure....
Thank you Lentil, I think they are a new food on the market, Birds Eye are advertising the Salmon option on the TV at the moment, I did work it out, but I have to admit that I am so new to the diet that everything is still a little puzzling to get my head around, but I will syn it because there is quite a decent blob of herb butter on it.

Judi, I like salmon and cod portions cooked in foil, I throw all sorts in with it -whatever I have in the fridge etc, and it always tastes so fresh and moist - I'm getting hungry now.....where's me minute portion of pollock!!!

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