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Extra Easy I need to pick your brains


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On Tuesday I have my groups party. I'm already making a cheesecake from the calendar. But I've found some quorn sausages in the freezer which I've taken out to defrost and I want to make some kind of low syn sticky coating to cook them in, cut them into bite sized pieces and put on cocktail sticks.

I need ideas for some sticky sauce. I thought of doing a honey, soy sauce and ginger type sauce but wasn't sure if it would work on quorn sausages, I normally do that sauce for either chicken or pork chops.

In the states I once had sausages cooked in apricot jam....they were gorgeous :eating: but I suspect it would be high in syns if I were to try and replicate it myself.

Any ideas welcome :)
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No ideas :confused:

Anyone? :wave_cry:
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My friend made these once and they were quite nice, it was sausages in a balsamic glaze, they were sticky and very appetising. They were also easy to make and of course syn free when you use Morrisons eat smart sausages and balsamic vinegar!!

I sent my friend an email but she has not replied so I googles it for you and here is what you do with them!....

First, boil the whole sausages briskly for ten or twelve minutes, until they´re cooked trough. They´ll emerge pale and quite gosh-awful looking. This is ok, never fear.(they can be made ahead up to this point, yet another bonus of this marvelous dish)
Take non-stick frying pan that will fit the sausages snugly, and tip some balsamic into it, enough to just cover the bottom. Put your sausages in over a medium heat. The vinegar will start to bubble and reduce, coating the sausages in a sticky glaze. When one side is brown, turn them over.
In a couple of minutes, you´ll have a panful of sausages that will be a dark, glossy brown. They will be sweet and savoury, but the acid of the vinegar will have evaporated. As the sausages are cooked already, all they do is take on the colour and the flavour as the vinegar reduces. It´s very quick.

They can be served with some rice (duh) or salad, but they´re so good, it´s hard to keep them from being eaten on the way to the table.

Hope this helps and enjoy xxx


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I like the sound of the sticky honey/soy sauce - and would imagine it'd work on quorn too. But why not buy some low syn meat sausages too?

Sorry, no ideas of my own on this as wouldn't have a clue where to begin (don't eat sausages much).



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I made some yesterday and just brushed them with reggae reggae sauce and they tasted great. Soy sauce or worcestershire sauce (for non-veggies) also works.


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Thanks guys.

I like the sound of the balsamic vinegar one. I might give that a go.

I would normally use low syn sausages but I don't have any left and I'd have to go out of town to get some. I just happened to have quorn ones left in the freezer and I don't like them so I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to get them used up...lol.


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not got any ideas for coatings but you could always make some sausage roll type things
flatten a slice of wholemeal bread and spread a couple of laughing cow lights onto the bread then put the quorn sausage then bring up the two corners and overlap maybe stick with a cocktail stick spray n fry light and bake in the oven then cut into bite sized pieces
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Why dont you try diet coke (as in the diet coke chicken) it goes all sticky and bbq y

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How about something like currywurst?? German sausage with curry sauce??
There is a lovely syn free curry recipe on here, you could adapt that with the quorn sausages.
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I thought I saw a recipe in the last SW mag (not the most recent) under the BBQ ideas recipe section. And I'm sure they used Quorn sausages .... I'll see if I can find the mag tonight. xx

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