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I officially hate scales

the weighing scales i had that i weighed myself on originally have started to act up, i weigh different amounts withing seconds of weighing myself, bloody thing, so I bought myself a new set of weighing scales and weighed myself on those and now either i've not lost a jot so far this week even though i have been 100% comited or i didn't lose as much as i thought in the first week:cry:

I'm deffinatley in ketosis and i can't weight myself on my wii fit yet, i'm too heavy, i was hoping that i was going to get down low enough to use it this week but its sadly not so, i'm at my witts end!!!:confused:
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Hiya, sorry to hear you are havin a rough time. I've only done two weeks so not an expert but lots of people say that weight loss does stall some weeks but you usually lose more the next week. It could be that you have retain more water this week for some reason. If you are sticking to it, then don't get disheartened. I bet you've lost inches though. Try measuring yourself too. I have recently bought a fat monitor scales from Lloyds pharmacy on special for £8. They are really good and tell you you're BMI and body fat level as well as weight. Stick to it and just think how great it will feel when you write a message next week about how much you have lost. Good luck and happy slimming x
Sorry - no 2 sets of scales weigh the same so unfortunately you are going to have to put it behind you and start with the new scales. You know you have lost weight, you are sticking to the diet so it is working, I know it is hard when you don't have a definitive amount you can say you have lost "this week" but it is not the end of the world. Keep it up and your new scales will definitely give you the answer you want next week.
B xx
Some electronic scales don't like you to hop on and off straight away. maybe check on the old ones just once and see what they say. The new ones as Quak says you'll just have to stick with and see what happens over the next week. The other thing to look at is not just the week but perhaps over the month and see what you have achieved. :)
I had the same...nearly threw them out of the kitchen window...then thought better of it...just grumbled and tried 2 days later as lo and behold they told me i lost 5lbs...
keep at it sweetie, goodluck xx

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