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I passed out...


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Hello all,

I have had a 'busy' long weekend - sat to Tues.

I went with HB to in-laws to help tidy up and finish decorating ready for HB Nan's funeral yesterday.

It was a very emotional day, and when it had finished we got back to in laws and I had a headache from hell (kind of behind my eyes) So I had 2 paracetamol and we left in the car to go back home. The journey is around 1.5 hours, but my head was fuzzing.

When I got in I plonked on the sofa, then went to get up some 30 mins later to go to bed and *flop* I passed out.

I had my shakes, enough water (more than I would normally have tbh).

Today I'm just exhausted. Not sure if it's CD related or because I'm tired. I have been getting plenty of sleep, the usual 8 hours. But I just feel completely drained. :confused::confused::confused:

Hugs x x x
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sending love chuck
look after yourself
sounds like your having a very draining time both physically and emotionally
easier said than done but try and relax x

have you started any new meds lately that might have a effect?
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Hun that's not good, if you feel dizzy, light headed or anything again I'd go to the doctors. It may have just been the stress of the day, which is understandable. Make sure you keep up your water and take it easy today missy!!


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I'm with caroline, get checked out Emma. At the very least call your CDC x x
Sounds like you have had a tough time and you are exhausted. I would still just get it checked out just to be on the safe side. I was decorating last week and my CDC said that I was perhaps burning off too many calories making me feel very tired and making my losses slow down. She recommended an extra shake (and extra protein in SS+ meal) to conteract my increase in calories if I was in that position again. It makes sense really if you are overexerting yourself.
Take it easy today and look after yourself hunny. X


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Nope not started any new meds recently. Think I will make an appointment at the docs to get checked out.

Thanks peeps,

Hugs x x x x x x x x


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Ohh Emma, big hugs hun. It must be and emotionally and physically draining time, look after yourself and try and get some rest. You couldn't be pregnant could you?


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awwww, poor you!! have some me time and a good relaxing rest, go to docs and see what they say.. same as lisalulu says, is it possible? just that somebody i know did exactly the same when she was pregnant before she knew.

Anyway what ever it may be just go easy and look after you!

lots of hugs your way xxx


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Nope, the test was negative.
I think it is just down to doing more exercise. I'm planning on just taking it easy today. Got my wi this eve too, so I will chat with cdc.

Hugs x x x


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Sorry if I got your hopes up Emma, the only time I ever passed out before CD was when I was in the early stages of pregnancy. I agree with Onlyme, have a nice bath but not too hot or you may go dizzy when you stand up, and take a glass of water in with you too. Good luck with WI tonight hunnie x


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This happened to me a while back after a particularly stressful and hectic time, I spoke to my CDC and she told me to move up to the 1000 cal plan straight away until I felt better.

Have a chat with your CDC hun and hope you feel better soon. xx
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Hi Emma
So sorry you have had such a stressful weekend and you are feeling poorly.

It may also be that your blood pressure is a bit too low. Definitely worth getting it checked. When I was on ss before I passed out a couple of times.

Emma, be careful also of the amount of exercise you are doing as you are not taking in many calories, but the ones you are taking in, you are then burning off, means you are literally starving. Just be careful sweetie.

Rosie xx


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hope you're ok emma x x


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Oh Hunny! Big hugs to you! It could be the decorating- I've been feeling dizzy lately when I've been bending over or looking up for long periods of time, like when decorating. Also, you've been through an awful lot in the last couple of weeks and perhaps it's taking it's toll. Lots of rest for you now, please madam! Let us know how you get on at WI:hug99: xxx

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Ooohhh poor you. that must have been frightening. Are you on SS? If so you shouldn't be doing much exercise at all hun. Def see the doc but I would call you're CDC now and tell her about this and see what she suggests. You may (only may) need to go to ss+ to help you recover. Call or email her but that's what she's there for hun.

Hope you're ok and sending you hugs xxx
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Big hugs Emma - Let us know how you get on xx

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