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I sat down on the tube today


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This may not be a huge achievement for most people. But I have not sat on a seat on the tube for about five years because I worry

a) I will get stuck between the arm rests


b) The person next to me will be thinking "ppffft, why does the fat person always have to sit next to me and take half my space".

Anyway, I am pleased to report, my hips/bum did not even touch the arm rests :D
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Yay! Go you! I'm looking forward to fitting comfortably in my plane seat in December without having the arms rests digging in my thighs and not being able to put the tray down properly! Oh and to have the seatbelt fit easily-with room to spare!


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Good milestone Guru - how much easier will that make life, especially NOT having to decide what people might think about you. Continuing challenge is fighting the get a seat on the tube!!


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that is fantastic well done!!
Well done,

I didn't realise how much of an achievment this. But my sister is staying with me and she lives in london.

She was just telling me a story about the tube seats, so i know they are small.

So pleased for you.


Winning a losing battle!
That's such a great feeling isn't it?!

I can't wait to be able to sit comfortably on a plane and not panic that the belt won't fit when I go away in 2 weeks!


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(Oh pants, wrong forum, ahh well - you know what I mean!)


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(Oh pants, wrong forum, ahh well - you know what I mean!)

I am also looking forward to getting on a plane in May and not being uncomfortable in the seats :D


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Aww wow, you are doing amazingly well judging by your loss so far.
Good on you! :)
Well done Guru, I commute on the tube so I know the great significance of this achievement. I am still occupying too much space on bus seats (and get some seemingly resentful reactions) - I will let you know when the situation improves!
Thats great Guru! Well done!!

These small little victories are what makes CD worth while.
For me it was having the bathwater flow around me instead of being trapped down at the tap end.:)
Nice one Guru! I hate the tube, bloody sardine cans...

I used to be in London a fair bit with my last company; I get to Canary Wharf a bit with my current employer but drive down the A1 and park there, so no tube required thank goodness! :D


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Yey Guru, how fab is that! Its the little things just like that which keep you going isn't it! Feeling like a 'normal' person instead of a 'fat' person and worrying what other people think - why do we do it to ourselves?


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