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I should just give up.


Well I'm probably the most useless person to ever participate in this diet.

I managed to go Wed/Thurs/Friday with just SS and I was so unbelievably happy with myself.

But I just went and ruined it tonight by having dinner.

My blame is, I feel ill and I worked mid-8am and haven't slept since thursday night. Also TOTM is due and I always binge around that time.

But I have no one to blame but myself, I'm useless and have no self control. Which means what hope do I have to keep it off after CD?

I didn't expect huge losses because I'm closer to goal but I don't see much off a loss on the scales or anywhere and I guess I'm just disheartened.

I feel better for eating, but I feel sick with guilt.

All I can think about is being slim and dreaming one day I'll be in size 10's (my mum doubts that... grrr!).

:break_diet::wave_cry: >>> Going to sit over there.
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Hi ya Becca :)

I gotta first start off in saying you've been brill up to date in giving everyone such hope and encouragement :) which is lovely :) long before starting CD !

Whilst I think CD is bloomin fantastic in giving the huge losses we all want it ISNT easy by any means...esp as you say you are near a goal/healthy weight

Have you ever done weight watchers? Meaning you can still eat..and it DOES train you on cals/portion control but without the feeling of abstinence ?? as i remember you saying you didnt eat loads but the wrong stuff (dont we all!)

Just thinking of a way around it.

*hugs* xxx


Lovin it !!! :)
You are not useless & you havn't blown it !!
It's just 1 meal. You can get right back on & pick up from where you left off - it's not a problem.
It is not an easy program to follow, it's damn hard.
But with any weightloss route, it takes time to change habits, create good new ones which will see us for life.
Chin up, you CAN do this :)


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Hi Becca, why don't you try ss+ instead of ss.

Like Mrs Essex states you have given people massive support and I think your brilliant.

Do what feels right for you hun x


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Maybe SS+ would be better and to be honest I don't know how you can just function if you haven't slept since Thursday.

Perhaps MrsEssex is making a good point.

This doesn't mean you are a failure. You work nights and still look after a young family, I think you're pretty amazing. x


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Hi Becca, why don't you try ss+ instead of ss.

Like Mrs Essex states you have given people massive support and I think your brilliant.

Do what feels right for you hun x

I was just about to say exactly the same. :)

SS+ would give you a meal to look forward to in the evening. You could even do 810 and have respectable losses.

Like, MrsE though, I'm wondering too what other diets you've tried. If you're like the rest of us, you've p'raps had a go at most of them, but if not, I'm sure we can come up with some ideas! Just cos something didn't work for us, it doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you.

I should add that I'm a bit of a fraud on the CD front, having just given in to the carb monster... It's the weekend and the OH is doing a long day shift and I got lonely and bored... so I ate. Doh. But it doesn't have to be the end of the diet. That's the bit I'm trying to teach myself. Cos it's something I've got to learn, otherwise I'm gonna find maintaining almost impossible.

What is it KD's got on her signature line?

Success hinges more on how you handle getting things wrong, rather than getting them right in the first place

She's a wise one, that KD. :)

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Aww Becca. I know you'll think I'm a right old nag, but as I said before, you shouldn't have gone on SS in the first place.

Getting fully into ketosis is hard, and it takes the body 2 weeks to really get there. Being close to BMI25 is hard too...and the two together make it more that doubly hard. Which is why Cambridge advise 810 if you are starting with just a stone more than bmi 25.

You told me that your consultant said to go onto 810 in another thread and you were going to do that :(

Now, you are probably under BMI25 with your 3 days SS, you must go onto 810. Don't be scared of it. Don't think it's failing or feel guilty. Your body needs it!

Most decent VLCD companies don't even let people start any really low cal diets unless they have at least 2 stone over the BMI25. Cambridge does, but only because they have worked out these plans to make it safe and doable.

miss jelly tot

CWP Consultant
Good advice KD and Nums 810 is still very low. I know personally for me if I did nothing all day I would still need about 1700 calorie to stay the same weight. Thats still 900 calories less being consuming. You will still lose. I loved 810 and it was far easier to stick too.

It was just a bump in your journey whatever you decide you will be in them 10's in no time:D


Back On Track!
Hope that this good advice has been useful NumNums. How nice that people have pointed out how supportive you are to others, which I heartily agree with. Don't like to think of you unnecessarily classifying yourself as a failure, best wishes x


I ♥ CD !!
don't beat yourself up about it draw a line under it and start again tomorrow, were all human lm the restarter Queen you have done really brill:D:D


hoping for a good loss
hugs hunni, Take the advise. You have done so well already

Charlie xx


Still fighting
Hi NumNums - how you feeling today? We are all only human hun - I caved yest slightly but I'm back on it today x


Gone fishing
I need to approach the fact I cheat before I can do much else. But I think moving to 810 would be a good idea and see how I go.

Thank you all again x

You're not convinced though are you ;)

When we diet, we lose fat, but we also lose some lean (I'll call it muscle at the mo, though it includes much more than that). The more overweight you are, the more fat in proportion to muscle you lose.

As you get slimmer, it gradually swings the other way, so you start losing less fat, more muscle.

Get even slimmer, and lots could be muscle, and a little fat.

To protect that 'muscle' you need more protein, so that your losses are fat first, which is why when we get lose to BMI25 we go on 810. Double the protein :clap:

It's very cleverly worked out!

So what is lean and why do you want to protect it? Lean is everything that isn't fat. It's your blood, your organs, your bones, your brain. Everything.

If you are just concerned with weight, remember the more lean you have, the faster your metabolism. The easier it is to lose fat and the easier it is to maintain your losses.

If you want to lose lean rather than fat, then go ahead, but it's not good, and weight loss can go very slow, more bagginess, harder to maintain...even dangerous for some.

People so often talk about losing weight, but I hope that what they really mean is losing fat. Never confuse the two.


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Hi Nums -- I hope you are feeling better today. Because something did not work the first, second or third time you tried does not mean that you could not make it work this time.

My favourite quote is from Lord Baden-Powell the founder of the Boy Scouts and it goes something like:


You learn best by "doing" so keep at it, girlfriend. You CAN do this!



I am going to move up plans KD. But with my cheating I obviously need to look at why I cheat and eat. Is there an emotion that triggered it etc.

I'm totally aware that I could lose the wrong things if I continue on a VLCD and I don't want to effect my body the wrong way.

Due to inflammatory conditions, I can quite often suffer from mild depression, I'm not treated for it though.

I'm beginning to wonder if it plays a part in my life style more than I'm aware.

I'm going to SS until I run out of packs on Sunday and then I'll talk to my Consultant about moving up to 810.

Thank you all again, you're all lovely and I don't know what I would do without the support and advice.


Why Be Normal?
Hi Nums -- It sounds like you've given it a lot of thought and have a plan. Good. You'll be okay.



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Not good with computers at all facebook is bad enff lol.xx