I had my first day back at work yesterday :character00264: , and all the nurses were all tucking into a tin of chocolates :17729: that the a patient had given the staff. A few kept telling me to get some.... i siad NO!!!
I have gone from being a chocoholic to not giving a damn about it. I didn't even feel jeliuos or deprived..... I FELT INCONTROLL!!!!:woohoo:
For the first time in such a long time i felt good about being able to make a possitive decision about what i eat..... i'm such a clever girl lol!!!!!!:cool::0clapper:
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Whopee - good for you !


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Hi Mandy
Well done, it is so hard with a food you love - my problem is crisps and I have banned everyone from eating them around me - Wish I could just say no.
Keep it up Girl
Love Hayles xx


Well done, that is great news, mind over matter isnt it? I am off out tonight for the 1st time since starting SS and all the girls will be eating nibbles and knocking back the wine but I will take my flavoured water and stay on track, my inspiration is - I just tried on lots of jeans and trousers that wouldnt fit and I can do them all up!!:clap:

Keep up the good work :)


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Well done! I was at a party on saturday night where there was a buffet meal... I found myself sitting at a table with four Death By Chocolate puddings being eaten right next to me!!! I didn't cave in and what was REALLY interesting is that the choc-eaters all left a bit of their puds... the portions had been big & the pud was very rich. Well, I've never in living memory left a bit of pud.... so seeing that casual, relaxed way of eating was an eye-opener for me. Also managed to turn down a slice of the birthday cake, which was chocolate coated in GOLD LEAF!!!! On SS the choc craving has subsided, just not sure whether that will last once I start to reintroduce food. But I know what you mean... so good to feel in control!


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Well done you!!:) I have to say for me chocolate has never been a major I am more a savoury lover, I've been to a few house parties now where I have had to stay away from the party food espcially the little quiches and sausage rolls but my main vice is cheese and when I took my 3 days off at xmas that was what I ate the most of :cool: and I have to confess that at least twice a week I cut myself a slice :giggle:naughty I know but it's not something that will kick me out of ketosis so as long as I only have a slice I don't feel too bad..... this diet definitely tests the willpower!!