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i`ve done it .....joined the lipotrim train !!

hi mini! Good luck on your LT journey, i'm sure you will be fine, just stay strong and busy, and drink loads!! x
good luck dietagain i can sense this is the diet 4 u, you can do it i love the shakes not the soup or the bar sssssssssssooooooooo bad r the bars can't wait to here aboutur first WI resultsx
thanks you guys and thanks ginagee i hope this diet is the one i have a spliting headache and so tired dont no if its the diet or the fact my son had friends 2 stay over last night ! :eek: day 1 is almost over 6days till weigh in i`ve gotta stay strong :)
welcome....headache could mean you need to drink more water. i drink between 3 and 4 litres a day if I can!! I am on day 10, had a loss of 10pounds last week and my mum joined and had a lost of 9 today so it definitely works!! good luck and we are all here and in the same boat!!


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Best of luck with it!!!!!!! Im joinin LT 3rd May!! I have 2 parties to get out of the way 1st & then its head down and focus on loosing weight!!!! Cant wait to hear how u get on!! :)
yes i agree with abouttime need to drink plenty of water, have had no trouble with headaches except when i was out all day with mother-in-law ha ha not what u think had no liquids 4 about 5 hrs head was bangingx good luck


goingtobeslim x
hi everyone ive started lipotrim today and so far have had 1 shake and it was`nt to bad at all ! i would love to loose 5 stone + so fingers crossed i stay 100 per cent i really want to be happy about the way i look at last done every diet in the book ;)
hi mini welcome and good luck with your weight loss journey, get the anadin ready and drink loads of water.:)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Take it a day at a time and soon those days become weeks and the weeks roll up to months. Before you know it you will be at goal. Keep busy and make water your best friend!
exactly as irish molly says... just take it a day at a time.... when i started in the first few days my negative thoughts took over and kept gettin the voices... how the hell am i gonna stick this??? but before you know it the days stack up... im on day 43 already and it has just flown by!!!!! its only a few months out of your life and just look at the rewards?? fab!!! already i have jewellery, shoes and clothes that fit again!!! good luck!

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