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I want a table top bin


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Does anyone know when I can get a plastic tabletop bin from? Like the one's in service station's

I struggle with feeding the children and picking up the plate scraps(why do I feed them such yummy food??) so I thought that I could decant straight into a bin and hopefully stop the urge to pick
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Failing that - have a small squeezy bottle of washing up liquid close by and squirt it on the plates before you go to clear them. :D

Love Myr xxx
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I usually find odd plastic things in poundshops and the like. Being a cheapskate with lots of junk in my cupboards, I'd probably just use plastic tub/lunchbox type-of-arrangement in the interim... ;)
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I do the washing up liquid thing too! If i've had an 'interruption' on the diet, then I have to make sure that any temptations are distroyed, not just put in the bin as they can be retrieved if placed 'carefully', lol
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It is probably no surprise to you to know you are not alone, I take no pride in saying that I am the world champion food game diet sabotage player. As such, although I like your table top bin tactic. I do also laugh in the face of it and titter at the washing up liquid ploy. There is no bin location, packet, deep freeze, hour of the day, or deepest mouldiest bin depth to which I have not stooped or been thwarted by in the past in order to satisfy my need to nibble. In the bad old days. I am still very much a work in progress and it's a tough task but I have learned that the relatively small distance between plate and bin may not be the real issue and shortening it by a metre or so, not the solution. The only sure fire system that's available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for resistance and back up to your plan is in your marvellous mind. A gadget that never runs out of batteries, breaks or is busy doing other things. Always available, always there, always on [ this is fact !] Do not underestimate yourself and the power within yourself to set your mind to a plan and stick to it. Take charge of your mind , it is yours all yours and you are the Queen of it, decide what you[YOU] want, why you want it and how it will make you feel to have it and stick to it. If it is at this point you hear some "buts" coming in, stop them in their tracks, cut them off.[ challenge the facts or truths of the "buts" they are usually false] ie if someone offered you wads of cash to not nibble, could you do it ?, gun to the head could you do it ?, yes, so it is possible ,it's just your choice and a decision about what you want and why you want it.So make sure you know why you want it and believe that it will be worth it. You deserve to have what you want. The decision has been made, you have good reasons for it, it is your choice, what you want and you are going to make it happen. HOORAH !Talk to yourself in specific positives not negatives, negatives can confuse the brain. So say what you are going to do, and why, what it will help you achieve. Go to a fancy kitchen shop and get yourself a lovely bin if you want, or go to a knicker shop and get a pretty pair of knickers to love yourself in. It's not in the bin it's in the brain......Hope this is helpful .
S: 18st10lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 4st10lb(25.19%)
Hey Arwen,

I have just checked your stats. You fraud, you are a master weight loser, you know all this stuff I've just droned on about above. You didn't get to where you are today by nibbling childrens leftovers. So what's going on ? Nurse youself, relax, congratulate yourself, keep going. This sounds more like an emotional wobble about being a new you. Sometimes it takes us as much time to catch up with our new you as it does other people. This is the real you and you deserve it. Enjoy it !


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S: 26st0lb
Thanks for the link, that will do the job

I have 2 dogs :) but they dont jump on the table, lately I find that I could eat the childrens food as they eat it, Jamie drops most of his on the floor, he's 9 mos and that helps my 2 yrs old doesnt eat a thing generally so her meal generally gets left and that's what I have problems with

thing is I havent been this light in 10 yrs and its scary in a way and I keep thinking a 100 pounds is enough but it isnt - I dont see me getting dound to 9 stone 5lbs but i want to be a normal bmi

right got to buy a bin!

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