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I want to give up :'(

Make you a deal. Stick with it as long as I do? :)
I want to, but, I also don't want to gain anymore!!
I have also woken up with a stinking cold which doesnt help matters :( I am really toying with the idea of having some carbs to shock my body
Racheal, it's got to be that you are doing something wrong. I've know people who have given up because they don't like Atkins, but I've never found anyone for whom it just doesn't work. Now it looks like we have you and Steve.
I don't know what I am doing wrong! my carbs rarely go above 12-13g, my calories stay within 1000-1500 I exercise a few times a week, I drink water, I'm in ketosis.

I'm really and truely at the end of my tether :( and I have loved atkins so I want it to work for me
Yay, we're a team, see? :D

I LOVE Atkins and don't ever want to give it up. For the first time in my life I can stand in front of the sweets and chocolates aisle in HomeBargains and not be remotely interested in what I see. The bags of chocolate mis-shapes that I strongly suspect are made by Thorntons might as well be a bag of curtain rings for all the interest they hold now. I can walk past Greggs and think, "That sugar and pastry smell makes me feel a bit sick!"

After my depressing rant this morning I've decided to take up my running again just because I want to, and stick with the Atkins program for another 6 months. Someone mentioned a few weeks back that refugees from a VLC diet can have problems with metabolism for months when switching to another plan. That's ALL that I can think is going wrong for me, so I'm going to wait it out, crocodile-like. :D

Stick with it for a while. You know you want to. Go on, go on, go on, go ON! :D

What shall we call our exclusive team? :)

Hi - ok am by no means an expert (well not an expert at all) but just some thoughts as didn't want to read and run -
1000 calories isn't a lot and the body does then reserve every calorie you eat so that maybe isn't helping?
TOTM - sorry if TMI could be water retention etc
Hidden carbs - eating anything processed etc may have hidden carbs in it?
Are your clothes fitting better maybe just scales haven't caught up yet?


I know what you mean, I sat in mcdonalds the other day while everyone stuffed their faces and it didnt bother me in the slightest. This is the first time in my life that I am happy to pass up food.

I am having alot of protein shakes because I am finding it hard to eat enough so maybe they are the problem?

I am considering having a high carb meal tonight as I feel quite ill and I want to have some energy for exercise. I have enough will power to get straight back into induction. I dont think I can have 2 days of carbs as suggested :S

I feel so confused by this!!!

we could be called, carb combatters? haha rubbish! but best I could do
When you say your having a lot of protein shakes how many are you getting through on a daily basis
I'm not actually a fan of these shakes and bars
much prefer to take my protein in its purest form
2 a day, replacing breakfast and lunch, i have had quite a bit of trouble eating so I have using them to ensure I get some calories in
Hmm, have a look at the nutrition info on the shakes. Mine are only 0.7 per scoop. I only have 2 per day on weight lifting days, 1 pre- and 1 post-workout.

If it were me determined to do the carb-up, I wouldn't do it with things like bread, pizza or pastry. Find some good carbs to do it with if you're sure.

I wouldn't do it at all for the following reason. Your body's just getting used to learning that it can convert its fat into energy. You have an advantage over most people in that you don't have to burn loads of carbs before it reverts to fat for fuel through ketosis. If you go filling up with carbs I'm sure it'd take a while to get used to lipolysis through ketosis again. Remember how crappy that feels? :(

It's your choice of course, but I've been banging my head against the wall for a bit longer and I wouldn't choose to carb up unless I was going to do it with low GI food for the express purpose of increasing glycogen stores in muscles for exercising them. :)

Atkins Resistance Force? :D


Rebel without a calorie
My OH has protein shakes and they're also quite high in carbs. Maybe worth re-checking the label or even Googling them.
Can I join your club too? My first day I gained 2.5lbs and at the end of week 1 am back to the same weight I started at. I too have come from VLCD but didn't expect great results in the first week going from eating nothing to all this luscious meat and veg ;) Loving it so far, just wish the weight was coming off.


Clean green leafy machine
Hi Rachael

I agree with Steve, stick with it hun and we'll all become Carb Crunchers lol :grouphugg:

What about getting a load of vitamins and seeing if that helps your energy levels? I normally come down with colds all the time, every office bug comes my way - until I started Atkins, and since then not a sniffle. I've been taking Vitamin C, B, coenzymes (which apparently give you more energy - I'll believe anything), and chromium, which is supposed to process the fat I eat and speed up my metabolism.

I'm convinced that these are helping me. I do get very tired legs by the end of the day - but HRH Jim and others have convinced me that this will get better and I will one day leap out of bed with all the energy of a slinky gazelle :D:D:D

Like you, I wonder if it's to do with the protein shakes? OR maybe try eating more oil/butter/cream if you can manage it?

Susie x
I dont want to carb up, but you know when you're at a bit of a loss with it all.

I'll give it until monday, if the scales are still creeping up then I might carb up low GI stylee

Your name is much better :)
Good plan! :)

The Atkins Resistance Force is only open to people who are on a definite plateau as defined by Dr. A, and the objective is to get kicked out! :D


Clean green leafy machine
Ok babe have a good weekend, and try not to worry too much x
I'd say welcome aboard, but it just sounds wrong! :eek:
disaster struck.

I ate carbs...I feel horrendous :(

110% back on induction tomorrow, I will beat this plateau, I have just been shopping and have stocked up on supplies.