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I will do this!


Well, today is my first day on the forums, so I think it's time I start my wee diary - I hope it'll keep me motivated as I can get how things are going off my chest, and have a look back at how it's going e.t.c

As far as actually knowing my weight atm, I can't. I've recently moved out of my family home, and now live in the halls of residence at my university, and scales are not one thing I possess anymore - should I buy myself a set?
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Hi and welcome to the forums! Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey :) everyone are so amazingly supportive on here. I look forward to checking up on your diary to see how it is coming along. As for the scales, I prefer to weigh myself so I would prefer scales but I know places like boots have scales you can use the shop (think it may cost like 50 pence or something).
Thanks very much :)
I'm going to be here until May-ish, but I do tend to pop home every fortnight or so, and obviously with that I'll have access to the scales at home :)

They're isn't a boots close to the uni atall so that is a problem :(

I think I might invest in a set of digital ones, or failing that, bring my wii to the uni with me - have wii fit and tend to use that as my accurate weigh-in.
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You could do a two weekly weigh in... that way you might be a little stricter with yourself, just an idea, but if you're someone who needs to weigh regularly than maybe invest in scales x
I think I'll invest .... you see, I'm a bit of a worrier and when I don't seem to weigh myself regularly, I tend to get worked up, really worrying myself as to whether I've lost/gained/maintained :(

I know I can do it though!

Well.. I'm home for a few days and thought I'd weigh myself to see what the difference was, if any.
I am absolutely chuffed to say my weight has dropped down to 12st 6lbs, from 12st 8lbs.... I'm now at my lowest weight I've ever been.... like, ever :D!

That's great news! Well done on your weight loss AND being at your lowest weight! Keep up the good work :)

I've had a frustrating week - My weight just won't budge whatsoever :(
I've been monitoring it daily via my Wii Balance board, as I have always done, and it just seems like I've hit a brick wall with it all, and it's getting me really down tbh!


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See that's the downfall in weighing daily, you don't see any difference. I know that it's hard, but try to restrict yourself to weighing only once or twice a week, maybe Sunday an Wednesday or something? your body changes day to day with water and stuff, so one day you might have put on a pound and the next you might have lost 2.
Maybe try keeping track of your measurements? I do that and it's great to see where your losing inches, and inches dont lie.
Good luck with it all!

I'm so excited to be posting this in all honesty- I've now dropped another pound, and now down to just 12st 5lbs.... I'm exstatic tbh - it's now my new lowest weight ever :D

Feeling quite concerned today ... over the past 3 days, my appetite has been appaling.
For example, all I had yesterday was a bowl of special K for breakfast, and same again for lunch, I felt I had no appetite whatsoever for dinner so skipped that. I've had this terrible appatite for 3 days now :|

I know it's been a while since I posted... been through a lot recently.
FMy weight loss seems to have hit a brick wall permenatly now unfortunately, over a week has passed and not a single pound has dropped :(
Awk, I didn't wanna have my weight beat me this time :/
Don't worry, it's just one of those crazy periods. Keep the faith and keep doing what you've been doing right to bring your losses... don't let the absence of a loss dishearten you. You have done amazingly well, keep it up


Well, a bit of good news on today's reading ... I've lost a pound :)
I'm back down to 12st 7lbs, whereas my lowest weight has been 12st 5lbs, so it seems I'm back on track !

Well, today is the first day of my new attempt to lose weight!
Since I came back to the forum last week, and today's first measure, I have lost 3lbs without any excerise, so I'm down to 14st 4lbs .

Here's to my new future :)

I know I have went A.W.O.L again - the weight crept back up to 15st 7lbs, but I've now gotten back down to 14st 13lbs, so I seem to be back in track

I somehow, although really want to shift the weight, loose motivation for some reason
I am promising myself and trying o have faith in me that this time, I'll reach my target

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