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I will NOT weigh at home this week.............


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No sneaky peaks for me this week guys.

I am just going to stick 100% to plan and pray I loose weight when I step on the scales at class:rolleyes:

Anyone with me??????

I will not weigh at home this week..
I will not weigh at home this week....
I will not weigh at home this week.....
I will not weigh at home this week.......
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I have always had an obsession with the scales. I can't tell you how many times a day I weigh myself.....even if I get up for a wee in the middle of the night, I can't keep myself from hopping on them!
3 weeks ago, I visited my Mum and decided to take my scales with me and leave them there. It was hard at first and I actually 'missed' weighing myself, but now I feel so much better and don't even think about it. Sounds daft I know, but it really is a tough habit to break, but like all habits, it can be done.
Amazingly my losses have been a lot better since too. 2 official weighins and 5.5 lbs down!
I think the reason is this. When I weighed at home, if I saw a loss I would be a bit more lax and maybe allow myself something that I shouldn't have and if there was a gain I would tighten the reins and maybe not eat as much as I should.....both detrimental to weight loss!
However now, I just try to be as good as I can, eat as and when regardless and hopefully have a nice surprise come weighin day!

Try it and see......
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I will try my best not to weigh but sometime when I do weigh myself half way through the week and I have lost something, it spurs me on to keep going and not fall off the wagon!!!

But then if I have a gain I get stressed and want to munch on naughty things to make myself feel better.... what a nightmare!!! :D
Thats a hard one for me as i dont go to a meeting ,
I suppose I could ask Hubbie to lock them away for a week BUT i do like to see how i am doing though ...........
OOOH i was just thinking about this while standing on the scales this morning.

I want to do it but it is so hard, I will try I will!!

The past two weeks I have had bad mondays after showing a sudden gain monday mornings!!

I will now not weigh until my meeting next week.

Good Luck



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Good luck!

My scales are awful, there the non-digital kind and even if i get on them and then get off and get on them again 5 mins later (i know im awful lol) then it can show a big difference, i know they're not accurate but i cant stop myself getting on them!! lol and i know they're wrong 99% of the time but i still get upset if they show a gain!

I really want to buy an electric pair but i know i will weigh all the time!! xx


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I threw mine away as i was obsessed with them and also i found that i could here my boys keep weighing themselves and i didnt want it to be an issue with them.


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I have to weigh at home because I don't go to group ut I'm thinking of going to Boots from now on. I'm sat here right now trying really hard to resist the urge to go and jump on those scales.

On a side note, the WiiFit is my new best friend. It thinks I'm only 11.5 stone! Oh, if only! xxxx
flippin scales

hiya, i am not going to weigh myself at home anymore cos on my scales it sometimes shows a real good weight loss then you go to class and its no where near as good.i was also on the wii fit and i weighed 8lb less than i was at class.
I can't weigh myself at home! My scales are really out of whack, sure they show a stone or so more than they should (joined sw thinking I was 14st but was only 12st something).

I think about replacing them but then I know I'd be weighing in the week too. Think I'll keep my crappy ones and not worry!
Hi all

I do SW on-line so weigh at home but when I stepped of the scales on Sunday I got hubby to stick them in the car boot ;), so now they live there and are only allowed in the house on Saturday night -ready for Sunday morning weigh ins... it is a bit strange not "scale hopping" -although I use my wii most mornings which weighs me I don't find them accurate enough to pay attention to them .


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I'm with ya babes!!
I only had weigh in yesterday morning, but this morning, stood in the bathroom the scales were calling, 'go on, weigh yourself........you know you want to.............could make you feel better.............you could have lost since then.........' And i thought OMG - NO!!!!! Hurried to the kitchen and downed a bottle of water (i will only weigh in first thing in the morning when my stomach is empty) and i just know they're going to be calling again in the morning.
I chucked scales in bin,and asked mum to hide them if Im visiting her.
I do admit to looking lovingly at scales in Boots until I watched a woman take off her shoes,her cardigan,her jewellery,she actually came close to standing on one leg,then the blooming thing started announcing things to her,I dont know if it was her weight,but God she moved quick after that,
will save my weigh ins to SW after watching that.

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