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Day 1
Started a new diet yet again yesterday. This time I am following W W points on my own ( and this forum ). Got myself weighed, 228 lbs. - no wonder I am bursting out of my clothes. But this is a new begining and I feel quite positive about loosing weight this time. I have stocked up with lots of healthy basic foods, so here goes to my new attitude to food.
I ate my full 25 points
Weetabix/banana for breakfast
Ham sandwich/yogurt/fruit fot lunch
Mid afternoon I had 3 cookies which was really stupid as I was not hungry and I used up 9 of my points.
Stir fry/fruit in the evening.
Tomorrow I will not be having any cookies as it really did not leave me enough points for a nice evening meal, but you cant have it both ways and the cookies were tasty.
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Good luck!! You seem to have the right attitude and I am sure this will be it!! Youre right about the cookies, they are not worth the points! You could save a couple of points for a few days and then when you have your cookies its wont affect what you eat for the rest of the day? Good luck anyway angel, cant wait to find out how you get on at first weigh in :)
Day 2

Was really silly today ate some food before I worked out to points value and got a shock - a choc ice was 6 points, would rather have had 12 WW yogurts. The end result was I was 7 points over today so tmorrow I will have to claw back some points. I really must start to eat different fruit as bananas are more points than apples etc. Oh the joys of counting points
Hey don't worry chick! You learn from your mistakes on this diet! lol wish you the best of luck!! xxx
good luck kathleen... you can do it!


Up for the challenge
Hey! Good luck and welcome! You seem like you have a great attitude and i'm sure you will do well. If you need anything just give us a shout. Take care. xx
Day 3

Strange day today. Was out and about all day. Started with 2 weetabix + banana for breakfast, baked potato with coranation chicken ( very naughty but nice ) - baked beans with a potato does nothing for me. In the evening chicken sandwich with lots of salad and fruit throughout the day. Managed to save 2 points today so now I only need to save another 5 to get back to eating my proper allowance. Lets hope I can continue to behave myself and eat sensibly tomorrow
hello and welcome :)
wow 6 points for a choc ice? thats loads isnt it! get yourself some twisters in they are only 1 pt and so worth it! x
hello and welcome :)
wow 6 points for a choc ice? thats loads isnt it! get yourself some twisters in they are only 1 pt and so worth it! x
Thanks for telling me that, next time I go shopping twisters will be in my trolley
Day 4

Another busy day, meal times a bit erratic today as I spent most of the day bag packing at my loal supermarket fund raising. Managed to save 1 1/2 points today so now I only have 3 1/2 points to claw back. Still feeling very motivated and in control.
Toast and marmalade for breakfast
small tuna sandwich
1/2 flapjack
chicken tikka on its own
WW yogurt
bag of snack o jacks.
Not enough veg today, hope tomorrow goes well.


Up for the challenge
Well done sounds like you have had a really good couple of days. Keep it up. :) x x
Day 5

Very busy day which was spent painting, hands covered in gloss paint as I have ran out of white spirit. My diet was fine today I even managed to save 11/2 points so now I only have to find 2 points to be back to my daily allowance.
Toast / marmalade
Veg soup ( no points ) with bread
Steak veg potato
small cake
packet of crisps.
your doing really well hun :)
Day 6

Had a very lazy day, food wise I was 5 points under so now I have got 3 points spare, I can amost taste that glass of wine.
tuna sandwich
yogurt x 2
fruit x 3
2 egg tom & onion omolete
Starting to think about my weigh-in tomorrow, if I have not lost anything the motivation will go. Hope everybody else is doing well.
Day 7

Got weighed today 3 lbs gone forever I hope. Must admit I was a bit disappointed as I expected to lose a bit more. Next week I think I will try and cut down on the amount of bread I eat.
Hey! Just catching up on your diary and sounds like you are doing really well! Keep it up! When is your WI day? xx
Day 8

Oh dear a very bad day. I bought WW cakes as I thought I would have 1 each day but oh no I managed to eat the whole packet with a cup of coffee. It would have been ok if I stopped there but I did not, once I got the taste of cake I just continued to eat eat eat. I did not even bother to count my points. But today is a new day. and I think I have got my blow out out of my system. I will not list my food diary as there is not enough space!!!
Hiya Kathleen
Just wanted to wish you good luck on your weight loss journey. Dont worry about the break out, it really does happen to everyone and the best thing is not to dwell on it and just start anew today, youve done brilliantly the rest of the week. Congrats on the 3lbs that is great loss :D
Cath xox

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