I wish I was a bear


Gone fishing

Bears get to hibernate and do nothing but sleep for six months. I wish I could do that.
Before they hibernate, they eat themselves stupid. I wish I could do that.

Bears' offspring are walnut-size and are born while the mother is asleep. Mother bears wake to partially grown, cute, cuddly cubs. I definitely wish I could do that.

Everyone knows mama bears mean business. They swat anyone who bothers their cubs. If their cubs get out of line, they swat them too. I wish I could do that.

Papa bears EXPECT their mates to wake up growling. He EXPECTS them to have hairy legs and excess body fat.

Yep… I wish I was a bear!
I think we should declare this National Bear Day!!!

I, for one, am going to sharpen my claws, hold a whole salmon between my teeth and chase evil folk up trees!

Yes, there will be growling!!!!!!!

It just reminded me of a little ditty my children used to sing....

I'd like to be a gloworm
'cos they are never glum
How could you be unhappy
When the sun shines out your b*m


If I could be just anything
I think I'd be a slug
Then I could crawl right up your sleeve
And give you a big hug.

Goodness I hadn't thought of those in years.....
Really cute!

Don't want to eat myself stupid anymore though (been there done that!)

Dizzy x
i would like the fact that it would be the 'done thing' to be hairy. how much time and energy would that save...also, gone would be the dilemma 'what should i wear?'....fur of course!!