1. the_last_time

    the_last_time Well-Known Member

    Hello - I've had a look around & searched but I can't see a thread related to IBS....apologies if there is already one out there!

    I don't know if I suffer from IBS, but I have varying movements/non-movements, stomach pains, gas etc...

    Basically I'm wondering what I should do dietary wise. Is it worth trying something like the elimination diet? My problem is that I don't like restricting myself too much or for too long!!

    Any tips as to find what may cause my discomfort would be greatly appreciated :)
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  3. manda72

    manda72 Well-Known Member

    Hi I to have looked as doctor thinks I have it I also get very bloated on one side so have tablets to stop it. They say it's just trial and error unfortunately :)
  4. ACH

    ACH Well-Known Member

    Five years and numerous hosp visits and doctors and specialists and milk was the culprit for me
  5. Maxamillion

    Maxamillion Well-Known Member

    Hi sorry to hear about your ibs . I've had it for years and go through times where I'm great and other times where I'm not so good . I found that when I was on a low carb diet I had no issue whatsoever but when I had the tiniest piece of carbs all hell would break loose!! I can't sustain a low carb diet as unfortunately my husband to be is a carbaholic and I always give into temptation! I find though since I've been back on weight watchers the last few weeks that my ibs is playing up pretty badly but I'm hoping that it will calm down again . Nothing worse when you have a tummy full of wind!
  6. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Well-Known Member

    I ended up in A&E last year with serious bloatedness as it was really painful. I had every test going to then be told I have IBS lol.
    I have a prescription for Buscopan but I don't need to take it that often now. I tend to have Twinings digest tea after a stodgy meal or I take some Benefibre if I need to go loo.

    I used to do Slimming World but I think the excess amounts of what they call "super free" was really not good for my IBS. Too much fruit and vegetables but not enough fibre and I was often constipated and bloated during the diet.
    I've now moved over to Weight Watchers and I am much better.
    I haven't had any bloat in months, I have been going to the loo much more regular as well.
  7. MrsPitstop

    MrsPitstop Member

    Have to agree that eating a lot of fruit and veg and not enough fibre on SW certainly affects me.... I've recently discovered peppermint tea which has made a real difference to my 'system'.

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