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Ice Lolly Mould

I'll have a look in our Middlewich store tomorrow - and text you if they don't have any. Thanks.

Just posted on your diary ... why haven't you answered me??????!!!!!!


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how u make mini milks?
Summer Recipes!
Ice pops
Water flavouring in kiddy ice lolly moulds and into the freezer. Both flavours work well – or mix half berry flavour with half orange flavour for a fruit salad flavour.

Ice cream
1. Freeze tetra packs – take out about an hour before you want to eat it. (Should only be done with one tetra a day)
2. Blitz ice cubes in a food processor or coffee grinder, until small crystals, add whatever flavour shake you want – about 2tablespoons of cold water and wizz up in food processor to make a big bowl of ice cream! Mix and match flavours … butterscotch and banana = banoffee. Or use half a sachet of one flavour and half a flavour of another.
3. Make up shake as normal – put in ice lolly moulds. You have mini milks!

Water flavouring added to water … in a small bowl or dish, in freezer and keep stirring whilst ice crystals form … take out before it freezes too hard. Sorbet!!

Water flavouring, 150ml of very cold water and mix a mousse – make up as per instructions and put in a small bowl to make jelly! Have with ice cream!!

Ice cream Cheesecake
Crush a cranberry bar into crumbs in food processor, press into a small dish – put in fridge. Make up jelly as above – add to base once set. Make ice cream up and pour on top. This is either for 2 people … or 2 meals.



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i got my lolly mould from the pound store, ( no need to mention price. lol).
it makes 6 lollies in a rocket lolly shape.

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