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  1. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    Hi guys

    I have a question for everyone. The lowest weight I hav ever reached in my adult life is 9stone 4pounds. Yet my ideal weight always comes out at 8 stone 10 pounds. Is this a realistic goal??? I am currently 9 stone 12 pounds and counting propoints. Any advice would be very very welcome. Thank u guys x
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  3. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    There's no such thing as an ideal weight really, just a range within which it's considered to be healthy for you to be for your height. How tall are you? :)
  4. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    Hi Tracy

    I'm 5 foot 3 inches

    Not very tall at all and I'm 27
  5. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Well looking at the BMI chart, your healthy weight range is roughly between 7.5 stone and 10 stone, so 8st 12lbs would be about in the middle. But that doesn't necessary mean that's your "ideal" weight. If you're quite muscly, for instance, you'd naturally be heavier than someone the same height who has little muscle. It's really a matter of where you feel most comfortable, and if that's higher up the healthy band, that's absolutely fine - there's no cut and dried answer. :) xx
  6. Farron

    Farron Member

    My ideal weight is at least 11 stone. I've been it before and I felt happy at that weight. Another stone off that and I don't look well as my shoulders are quite broad etc..
  7. WeakWilled

    WeakWilled Full Member

    Ok thank you Tracy I think 9 stone would be good for me. I have about a stone to lose to get there. The hard work starts now. Just have to decide what plan to do. Low carb has worked very well for me in the past
  8. Starski

    Starski Member

    Depends on your height, doesn't it. Always felt I would feel best at 8 stone, or even 7 and a half because I'm so tiny!

    Nothing to do with over-reaching, I LIKE good curves and don't want to be a stick... But the weight is really uncomfortable when you're short.
  9. beavis420

    beavis420 Full Member

    Want to get to 100kg or 15st 10lb, this is the weight i would feel comfortable at without looking underweight especially as i do quite a bit of weights in the gym, i'm 5'11 and currently at 21st 4lb
  10. beavis420

    beavis420 Full Member

    I think BMI is a load of bull according to that I'd need to lose another 8st and I'd look underweight

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  11. Rhubarb_Cakes

    Rhubarb_Cakes Full Member

    I liked my 8 stone body at 5 foot 6. I'll get there again, just might take a year or two.
  12. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    I think it depends. I'm working toward a goal weight of 63kg (I'm 170cm tall), which gives me a BMI of 21.7. There is no point that I ever remember being that small (9st, 12lb). My mum lost weight and got to that weight and was teeny tiny! Size 6, and she's about 5-10cm shorter than me. For me, it's just a goal. I will see how I feel when I get there. If I feel I need to lose some more, I will (although my trainer who is a good 15cm shorter than me weighs 59kg and has an absolutely perfect physique. If I continue with the current level of training, which I plan to, I will look emaciated at even 63kg, never mind less).

    So yes, it's what a BMI calculator tells me is my ideal weight but it may not feel that way when I get there. It's just an arbitrary number at the moment so I have something to work towards. :)
  13. ZenDogNine

    ZenDogNine Full Member

    My ideal weight according to my BMI is lower than the weight I have set myself as a target weight. I don't personally think it matters as long as you feel good and are healthy and happy. x
  14. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    My lowest weight was 11.8 and a lot of people thought I looked drawn. I'm currently 14.10 and want to get to 12.0. I'm 53 yrs old. I think that as you get older that you don't need to get to your BMI to look and feel better. My top healthy BMI is 10.7. I would look ill at that.
  15. strawberry

    strawberry Getting slim for NYC

    My ideal weight for a healthy BMI is between 7st 13lb and 10st 11lb. Personally I don't think I could ever get down as low as 8 stone and I'm not sure I'd want to either.. don't think it would suit me. But my target weight is only 3lbs over the 'normal weight' category so I'm happy with that :)
  16. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    It definitely depends on how you feel about it, my aunt is a size 22, and that is her ideal - she's totally 100% happy and wont diet. For me, my ideal is 8st7lbs, because that's where I can see myself happiest, it might change when I get lower, I might decide 9 or 10 is better for me as I'm more toned this tine around, or want to go lower, it's you that matters, not BMI, not dress size or what other people think you should be.
  17. Rud

    Rud Member

    According to charts my ideal weight is 8 stone something, which if I reached that I would look like a skeleton. in and around 9 1/2 stone is when I look best.
    If you carry weight on your legs and bum (bottom half really and are pear shaped) then you can weigh more than someone who carries weight on their stomach and look much slimmer.
  18. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    I'm pear shaped Rud. I'm always a size or so smaller on top and it's quite deceiving because when you're big you look really big with the hips and bum but when you're lighter you can definitely get away with more.
    My friend is an apple and when she has to lose weight to match her arms and legs she has to go down to about 10.7 whereas I can get away with being 12.0 and we are the same height.

  19. Toujours

    Toujours Full Member

    The ideal weight range is really just a guidance. If you're happy with yourself at that weight then that's fine. :)
  20. Jandarka

    Jandarka Member

    I just thought I would chime in here. I had a hyper accurate body composition test done recently and from that I was told my absolute minimum healthy weight is 9st 7lb (at lowest healthy body fat - think jessica ennis levels, oh I wish) but bmi says I could go down to 8st 6lb. Moral of the story: BMI should never be your sole measure of a healthy weight.
  21. viola-soph

    viola-soph New Member

    Ideal weight is what is comfortable for you, I have no idea what my ideal weight is, because I can't remember what my body looks like at the weight I've set as my goal - I may get to goal (hopefully, eventually) and then decide that my idea is lighter or heavier than the goal I set myself....being healthy and comfortable in your own skin is the ideal I think

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