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Idiot me!


Looked through the CD packs that I had in cupboard, had 17. Bought enough for 2 weeks plus *I thought* 4 top up shakes meaning I only had to buy 46 shakes, to last me 3 weeks.

Why then, when I've came home did I only have 42? :copon:

I distinctly remember asking for 42 shakes, of which 10 tetras for work/placement.

So now I'm 4 shakes short. I do however have 5 out of date soups in the back of a cupboard I found today. Out of date by a fortnight, so am going to eat them, and top up with a multivit and mineral once. Had one today for lunch and it tasted okay.

Won't see CD counsellor until 25th. IDIOT.
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Perhaps, I'll see how I get on. If I'm really stuck I could always take the bus out (takes about a hour) I'm just too lazy ;)
Lexie dog, I do that ALL the time!!! My problem is I take bars etc out with me, don't eat them and they end up in one of a few handbags!

Are you sure you are ok with soups? What flavour of shakes do you buy?


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Lexie, I've miscalculated too in the past and been left without twice... nightmare. Both times I fell off wagon. Good job you have soups... use them now and they should be fine. But worth seeing if your CDC can post some extras out, too. I over order now in case my CDC or I have to skip a week - it's a safety net. Once bitten and all that!

I think because you are aware of the possible shortfall, you'll be prepared and cope fine... don't worry!
I did that last week. Forgot that I was going from being weighed on the Saturday to my normal Monday instead and forgot to cover myself. Had to change my appointment to the morning as I would have had to go without all day:rolleyes: Was lucky I had a couple over from when I first started or I wouldn't have even made it to today!


Aye - I'm not worried, making a concerted effort to down the soups as a matter of priority though. Just can't beleive I was so daft. I had in my head all the way out " 46....46.....46....46"

"How many shakes do you need?"
"42 please"

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