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  1. HOE

    HOE aka Hope Over Experience!

    Potentially two thirds of my life has already gone and I am still not thin! I was once, many moons ago - I have pics to prove it... they adorn my fridge! But here I am nine days away from my 50th birthday and was dreading it :cry:. But the fact that I have just heard of two friends dying prematurely at aged 48 makes me pretty grateful to even hit this milestone and realise that getting old is much better than the alternative!

    So armed with my JUDDD book (which I read from cover to cover in one sitting) I am finally trying to get thin AGAIN! Like many of you, I have tried and even succeeded...for a while. Oh yes they all work these diets for a few days, even weeks or months sometimes but I always want to get back to eating 'normally' and for me that means having everything I like and whenever I like and as much as I like! And that makes me fat - how unfair! So it seems I have a choice... rebel and eat all that and more and live with the blubber and the lack of clothes choices and the double chins and feeling unsexy and every bit of my 49.9 years or find a way to eat less! It ain't rocket science but oh it is SO hard! But maybe JUDDDing might be a mini miracle answer – I think I can diet one day at a time for the trade off of eating normally the rest of the time. Can I live with that long term? Yes maybe I can. Tomorrow is never more than 24 hours away and I can hold off most things (even pancakes or banoffee pie till then!)

    So here I am three weeks into my JUDDDering and 7lbs lighter and loving this site, all my new e-friends and support. I have booked myself a beach holiday (something I never do) for my birthday to have some time to myself and meet with friends in Florida. So the less of me on the beach the better. Three stone in five weeks is a little unrealistic J but maybe the best part of a stone can be achieved.

    About me: I'm single and live alone with an aged and demanding cat (of course) and work in medical sales which can be pretty hard work and long days sometimes. I sell emergency kit to hospitals, ambulances and military (lots of men in uniform, so another reason to get thin and gorgeous!) There can be lots of travel and, of course, occasions to eat out with colleagues and customers. Hard to have a DD then! I have two nights away at the end of this week so will just have to see how to manage those – when everyone else is tucking in. My workmates are used to my erratic eating plans and so will likely humour me.

    So that’s the basic intro – I will add as I can and also try to contribute to everyone else’s threads. This is a fantastic site for support and thank you for welcoming me into the JUDDDing fold.

    Apparently an elderly Rabbi called Hillel once said "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if not now, when?" I also heard that J F Kennedy added to that in that he said “If not together, then how?” What a great quote for this site. Take care and good luck pepes - Diane. a.k.a. HOE (Hope Over Experience!)
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  3. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Hi Diane,

    Great to see you with a diary!! I love reading about how everybody is doing, great for support and some moral too. I LOVE this site and like you I LOVE juddd! I hope it all goes really well for you. I can see this plan being something that can be stuck with long term, not like most plans that after a month or two you get fed up with. You've had a great loss so far, you're doing so well. Sure you'll have shifted quite a bit by Florida (I am jealous btw! Lol!).

    That is a great quote!

    Have a great day x
  4. HOE

    HOE aka Hope Over Experience!

    Thanks Stirky. Your weight loss is amazing and something that really spurs me on. I know you said it was not all JUDDD but it is now and that is really inspiring.
  5. miss jelly tot

    miss jelly tot CWP Consultant

    Great you have started a diary. Your doing so well and Im sure you will get to where you want.
    lol I work at an Army base and on a DD I can't eat sweets but I can watch the eye candy out of the window:D
  6. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Ooh! You lucky girlies!!! Nothing better than a uniform!

    Thanks Hoe, yes I've just plodded on with it, and when I stopped losing just switched to something else (ie juddd! Best thing I did!!). I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now which is fab :)
  7. HOE

    HOE aka Hope Over Experience!

    Yes we are lucky, those boys always make you feel wonderful no matter how yuk you feel about yourself!

    Is it my imagination or do you get really full easily on this diet on normal days? I'm on an UD and fancied a pitta bread and some taramasalata, yet here I am full after a half a PB and a tablespoon of the stuff - wonderful!

    Just went for an out-patients appt. for a small op I need to have as a day case and the nurse said I would have to starve for a day - and sympathised knowing how awful that would be - LOL! I didn't let on and I will be on a DD anyway - how perfect!

    Having a friend for dinner tonight (not in a Hanibal Lecter sense you understand!) So having a nice healthy salmon and veg and a couple of naughty (but allowed of course) puds. Have a great day y'all. Hoe x.
  8. Aaleigha

    Aaleigha Gold Member

    Diane you have already done so well
    its really nice to 'meet' you
    our little section of the board is (you are right) very friendly and supportive - I think its because we are a small group and have time to get to know each other

    good luck
  9. HOE

    HOE aka Hope Over Experience!

    Thanks so much Aaleigha. I agree, small group of like minded souls who are friendly, supportive and kind. The folks on here are also human enough to acknowledge the challenges in weight loss and forgive ourselves when we fall down and get right back up and do it again next day. I am going to recommend this site to my friend who introduced me to JUDDDing.​
  10. Aaleigha

    Aaleigha Gold Member

    oh yes do bring her along - the more we have the more help and support can be offered around :)
  11. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Yes the more the merrier! Love you're new avatar Hoe, that's funny!!
  12. HOE

    HOE aka Hope Over Experience!

    It's all your fault - you taught me how to get an avatar! ;)

    Dinner went well, I feel stuffed, stuffed, stuffed! And I did not eat loads. Salmon, pots, veg and a small slice of banoffee pie - I swear that banoffee is better than sex... but then it's been a while LOL! Does anyone else notice they CAN'T eat as much on the UDs? To start with I was stuffing my face and now I just can't which is amazing and just so wonderful. I have rarely ever had that sensation. Could this be just another brilliant 'side effect' of JUDDD?
  13. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Teeheehee, first I get balmed for people's french fries addictions, now avatar addictions, lol lol lol ;) that is a great one tho! I love pumpkins but never seen one doing that before, LOL!
  14. Aaleigha

    Aaleigha Gold Member

    I am finding UP days a little more filling than they used to be - I am hoping that the full effects of that will kick in shortly - but with me I think it boredom eating - picking during the day - so not enough to feel full on - think I need to cut that out to have good results :)
  15. HOE

    HOE aka Hope Over Experience!

    Okay, DD today. Took the rest of the banoffee pie to the hairdressers today (can't believe I really did that!) and prattled on about JUDDDing. So now my hairdresser is smitten with the idea and comitted to do it - she is a Lighterlifer who fell off the wagon.

    Seem to have quite a lot of energy today in spite of not sleeping well - very aware of food weighing me down at night after an UD and I eat very moderately compared to what my old 'normal' day would be.

    I am enjoying the sensation of engaging with my body again. When we are fat we tend to ignore our physical being and discount the messages it sends us (so that we can continue to overeat no doubt) or just because we can't or won't really acknowledge that this out of control and weighty body belongs to us. It's good to feel real hunger again and to get through it and good to really taste food again and then examine the full feelings. We are supposed to do that on every conventional diet - eat more slowly and savour every mouthful but it has never worked for me quite as positively as with JUDDDing. I feel a bit like a lab rat - watching myself in some kind of fascinating experiment! Very happy with results so far.

    Working from home today - lots of paperwork and spreadsheets yuk. Back training the boys in uniform tomorrow - yeah!
  16. miss jelly tot

    miss jelly tot CWP Consultant

    lol would you would have to have that as an UD.
    OMG, the pie everytime!

    I agree about listening to your body more on this diet. On a DD I can go untill half 7 at night until I am hungry. Before it was, oh its feeding time again, so had better eat something. No wonder I was fat.
    Lucky you, not long ago I had my first aid course, me and 11 soliders. :DPity CPR was performed on the dummy :rolleyes:
  17. HOE

    HOE aka Hope Over Experience!

    That's funny. Yes I will have my friend on an UD! That is amazing 7pm whoah - bring it on. Yes food is so 'sociable' it's all those times when we are programmed to eat. Maybe not eating allows us a chance to enjoy the company more than the food these days.

    As for the boys I have to show them anatomy on the legs and shoulders and there is rarely a skeleton around so they always want to check on themselves that they have the right spot. This means they usually end up rolling up their trouser legs and peeling back their shirts to reveal biceps... it's a tough job but someone's gotta do it!
  18. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Hoe can I come to work with you?? PLEASE!!!!
  19. jolinarr

    jolinarr Full Member

    Just wanted to say Hiya! Keep up the good work!
    :D :D
  20. HOE

    HOE aka Hope Over Experience!

    Hi Stirky and Jolinarr, thanks for the msgs and yes of course you can come to work with me... now form and orderly queue!
  21. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Right tell me where, I'm on my way :D :D :D You will never get rid of me tho, you do know that don't you ;)

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