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If you can't take a blender to work....

That's great!

Wish you had told me while I was camping on my first week BL ~ and last weekend! My soup whilst camping was cold and tasted of lighter fluid from the pan on the BBQ! :D
This is exciting! Will defo be ordering one and will let you know how I get on x
Sorry Laydee! But smoky soups build character! :D

It is not quiet - and it did raise a few eyebrows at work when people heard buzzing at my desk and saw me sat there with a smile on my face! :D But it is nowhere near as loud as a stick blender. Not mine anyway! :D

Very very handy.

Flask of hot water - pack - cup - SOR'ED.......:D
Yay! I just bought one! After my misadventures in mobile soup mixing, I definitely need one. Especially as I'm going on another ghost hunt in a couple of weeks ;)

Thanks BL, you're a lifesaver. Well, a meal saver - just as important :)
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Soup to go Bea!

Did you buy it on ebay? I got mine for £4.20...bargain! xx :)
They look great BL - I think I will leave mine for a few days as we are probably going to start bidding against each other!!!
milli x
Thanks Bea
I just got that one too!
Milli x
Oh - here is an IMPORTANT tip just remembered!

DON'T fill it will all the water and then blend it:

1 - it will not blend properly

2- it will spill out over the top -

Start out with about 1/3 full, give it a good blend - THEN add more water ans blend by pulsing. Keep adding till you have the amount you want. If I remember I did it in threes. :)
I took mine to the caravan at the weekend BL ~ used it whilst out and about for a strawberry shake.

I love it cos I like to save my bar for later and have a shake during the day.

I have a big blender at home, a hand blender for going to other people's houses ( in case they have no blender) and my whisking mug for out and about. :) Simples! :p
It arrived! Or should I say *they* arrived? I got two, even though I bought one! And the second one didn't have the whisk bit in. Very odd.

AND I have no soups this week (gone off 'em!). Are they really very bad with shakes? I'm having all sorts of thoughts in the banana shake/coffee direction but I suspect I'm in for lumpy disappointment if I go down that route... ;)

Hopefully my soup tastebuds will reactivate soon so I can use my magic mug too! :)

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