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if you had to how would you cut your syns?


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Being on SW brought it home to me how synful my red wine is! I have cut down a lot since I started SW but I would probably cut down even more if I had to.

Don't eat chocolate or sweets, just the occasional biscuit or cake if my daughter has been baking in school (she's only 13 and it would be rude not too ;))

My other syns go towards the odd sauce like pesto or olive oil so I wouldn't like to see myself give up these.
I really struggle to use my syns and often eat something just to use some up, so I don't think I would really miss them - even if they were halved or something.


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I really have no idea how I'm going to do it. 10-15 syns a day keep me sane, and allow me enough treats :(
I have to realistically cut ONE thing out. Maybe the hot chocolate at bed time, rather than the sweet treat after dinner. Sob.


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I like a drink at the weekend, so I would tend to use my syns for that. I'm a red wine drinker, and the wine I drink is 8 syns per large glass (or 24 for the bottle)

I noticed in my book that vodka is 4 syns per measure, so I decided to switch to that, only I found I ended up drinking a lot more of it and took on board more syns than I anticipated, so I stick to the red wine, and wouldn't use my syns any differently.

Aside from this, I would use them for ketchup, HP sauce, or extra cheese.

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