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Ikkles Diary- New Beginnings


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Hi guys, well after a month or so of absolute crap when it comes to sw and losing weight I gave myself a shake and am now back on plan and hopefully this diary will help keep me on track as I just simply cant keep having a loss then having a binge and putting on for three weeks then a loss then a gain for three weeks.

For breakfast I have had porridge - I have put a syns request in about this though as think it will have syns but I am aiming at 20 a day so shouldn't be too bad.

Dinner was omelette with cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes and beet. Followed by a couple of grapes. Nice and healthy and very filling.

Tea will be tomato pasta with onions mushrooms, sweet peppers and possibly bacon i think.

Sooo, would you syn the bacon or HE it and call this a green day or could it be an extra easy day?
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Well I decided to make it an extra easy day.

Made a sauce, with tomatoes, passata, mushrooms, onions, garlic, soya sauce, and spinach. Had it with 3 goujons, so 7.5 syns.

Still need to find out about the ready grains though eek x


Trying again!!!
Glad to see you are back on track Ikkle, keeping a diary should help. I've one as well and it has helped me so far.

You have ate very healthy to-day, well done, good luck for the week ahead hun xx


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Well done for getting back on plan - I've just started a diary too in the hope that it will help. Only time will tell!

I can't advise on extra easy days as only do green as I'm veggie but what you've eaten today looks good to me!

Good luck for tomorrow!


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I've eaten chocolate!!!!! Eek!!! But only 28g worth which is 2.5 syns worth so its ok.

We have been sorting through the house as want to redecorate and also I need some pennies I am so poor right now lol. Anyways I decided to sell some cds online so after listing them all I thought I best clean them so I got out the cd cleaning kit and i tried to put a few drops on the cloth but no drops came out so i queezed the tube, which then exploded in my face and across my arms and chest. Screamed in pain cos within seconds it was burning my nan ran upstairs and took me in bathroom and started rinsing me off and did an eye bath on my eye. Now I am just left with very angry red looking skin!! :( So the chocolate was much needed and I think I did well to ration it in the circumstances lol.

Thanks Weemo and Edwin.

I think I am going to just keep a tally of syns for the week, as then it may be easier. Do 7 days at 20 syns each is 140 for the week. I am going to count my breakfast as 5 syns, even though I don't think the porridge will be as much as 11 syns (-6syns for a HEB) I would rather be on the safe side. So that takes my syns for today to 15. So I have 125 syns for the week. :)
Hi Ikkle - just spotted your diary - I 'know' you from MSE hope you dont mind me posting - I'm not a mad stalker honest!

Keep an eye on your skin - esp any near eyes, throat or chest and I think you did amazing limiting the chocolate!

The things we do for money eh!

Keep smiling chick x x x


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Aawh, sorry to hear about our little accident. Hope you feel better soon :patback:
Glad to see you back on plan hunny, you seem motivated again :)
B. xx


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Thanks guys!! I didnt go to sleep till 3am and not been awake long so gonna have some fruit and then in an hour or so make some dinner.

Good news about my kozy shack its 6.5 syns, and because I had it as a heb its only .5 syns!!! Woop Woop so I have 129.5 syns for the week x


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Well a quick update before bed, I had a green day

breakfast was 2 plums

dinner was the remainder of the pasta i made yesterday

tea was deeeeeliiiiisssshhhhh lol

I had a wm roll (heb) with 1syns worth of spread then loads of lettuce and tomato and onion, 2 quorn burgers (1 syns)a HEA of cheese then a HEB of bacon, with sweet potato and normal potato sw wedges. and home made garlic sauce. Was a grand old meal I will tell you. I would have taken pics but the camera needs charging, next time though. :p

Then for pudding I had a magnum (13 syns) as there is a competition on with them at the moment and I wanted to enter as someone I know won £1000 on it yesterday :)

So that is 15 syns for today. :) Leaving me with 114.5 syns till next Monday.

Little brother wants to go swimming tomorrow, its free for him to go with a Breeze card but think its about £1.30 for me so think we will probably go also means I can then go and get some bits and bobs from the supermarket on the way back, need a new pillar candle for my shelf in my bedroom ( I am candle obsessed!!!) Currently have 15 in my bedroom and an oil burner. All very pretty ones though obviously lol x


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Well we never went swimming, we still walked to the supermarket though :) Got some more salad stuff. And bought Anton a Rocket Ball. So we have been outback playing with it, it's actually really good for £1.80.

I'm having a red day today and am quite chuffed with what I have made and what I have eaten. I know I shouldnt but I did get on the scales today and they do show a loss so I am glad about that although am not taking any proper notice till Monday.

Will be back later to update on what I have eaten as Anton wants to go play out again x


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Ok so breakfast was Grapes and mullerlight, a glass of fresh orange (2.5 syns).

Dinner was, bacon, omelette (milk as HEA) and mushrooms and was yummy. :)

Tea was grilled turkey, potato salad (HEB) hot house lettuce, spring onions, cucumber and a wm roll (HEB) with 1syn worth of spread.

Followed by a magnum (13syns) entered the comp and won £20!!! Woop Woop lol

So I am quite happy as that means 16.5 syns today and 98 left for the week.


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Ok today was a red day,

Breakfast - seafood sticks ( dont ask lol)

Dinner - wm roll (heb)
spread (1syn)

Tea - Turkey kebabs
potato salad (heb)
lettuce and spring onion

Snacks - 2 plums
magnum (13 syns)
chocolate (2.5 syns)

16.5 syns for day 81.5 syns for rest of weekend :)


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Thanks Lou xx

Grrrr children!!! My little brother has today broken the computer, drawn on my bedroom wall with marker pen and thrown some keys at my head! Added to that my nan has 'accidentally' thrown my sociology essay away, humph.

EE day today.

Had breakfast/ lunch as I didnt really have chance to get cereal as was trying to fix the computer - no such luck :(

Ok so b/l:
2 quorn sausages
grilled bacon
scrambled egg

chocolate 2.5 syns

Wm roll (HEB)
2 quorn burgers (1syn)
spread (1syn)
lettuce and onion
Sw wedges and sweet potato wedges
grated cheese (HEA)

Pudding was a magnum again lol. 13 syns.

17.5 syns for day, 64 syns for weekend :)

made the garlic bread that is free on green day and one mouthful made me throw up - no offence to the poster of the recipe but I cant stand mash potato anyway lol it makes me queasy, so dont know why I made it lol, maybe expected me to not know it was mash tato.

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