Well done you yorkie xx
Im so pleased I can say I have 3 stone something to lose to target now :D even if its 3stone 13lbs ;)

Hi Karen yes its fab,just I have an horrendus headache not dehydrated as Ive checked and drank loads,I get Mygraines(cant spell it lol) think its turning into one not good :(

Hows your mouth today?


I'll do it what a fab loss for your first week! :D
Im still plodding on! :p
Had my auntie start cd with me on monday but she gave up on her frst day which is a shame :(

How you getting on? great by the looks of it! :D
Ah poor auntie,you see that shows you how much will power YOU have(no offence on your auntie :eek: )Dont think of it as your plodding on carry on as you are and by the time christmas comes from the strat your total loss will be 3 STONE!!!
Just think how long it would of taken you on a diff diet?
Your on track well done hun....be proud as its a day at a time diet
Im doing ok headache but I suffer from mygraines so Im hoping it will go_Otherwise ok just like I said Im taking it a day at a time
Woohoo at 3 stone id have never did on any other diet your sooo right there.
And yeah thats true about auntie. She really hated the food packs which didnt help :rolleyes: lol

Aw shame you suffer migrains :( just take it easy sweetie xx
9lbs!!! fantastic news hunni :)

I know you're not feeling well tday, but I be you feel great aside from that having such a good loss this week :D

Hope your head feels better soon.

Kitty xxx
Well done you!!!

Thanks guys this headache is naff come on here as chatterbox TOLD ME TO EAT lol get her Im not eating ;)