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im 100% every day every week...so whats going on???


i will be slim
Hi all,

im getting a bit annoyed and disheartened!!!

im always so good eat loads of free foods,excercise speed foods,always change it about.

but my weight losses are slowing down big time.

can anyone help?

i was losing like 4 -5-6 pounds a week now i can barely do 2!!

i know some people will say that im greedy but i have so much to lose surely it should be speeding up or slightly larger losses.

can anyone shed any light on this?
anyone else going throught the same?
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i will be slim
Hi hun,

by super free do u mean like fruit veg etc?
i do double check everything syns measures etc.
i no 2lb is a healthy loss but its gone from more to less i wouldnt expect it every week but now and again 2 boost it up.
this week it looks like im not even gonna lose and i dont no why.


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Sorry but the reality is that after those first few weeks you will pretty much stabilise at no more than a pound or two a week. After all 2lbs is a bag of sugar so go and pick up a bag the next time you are in the supermarket (i know you won't have sugar in the house!) and see exactly how much you are losing. It's a lot isn't it! And then consider that 2lb a week for the next year will be a loss of 7 stone!!!!
Tanny, if you're anything like me then you'll have bad weeks and good. I've just counted and have had 9 weeks out of 21 with less than 2lbs and most of those are only a half. I was completely gutted the first couple of times, then angry but now I've sort of got used to them. It's a pain in the bum and very disheartening but have you worked out your average loss? Those great weeks mean that over the last few months you've been doing it you'll actually be losing a fair bit on average I think.

Try and see it as a big picture, I know it's hard to do and I know just how awful it is knowing this is going to take a long time. It will be over before we know it though if we do everything we can. A couple of years out of our whole lives to lose weight isn't the end of the world. Keep doing your best and you'll have more big weeks I'm sure!
Even with a lot of weight to lose, your body will eventually slow down a bit with the losses. You'll hit times when you do everything right and yet don't seem to lose much. Then you'll have a sudden drop down that doesn't seem to make much sense. There is a physiological reason for it, so just keep going even though it's a bit frustrating. Keep your head right, and your body will follow - eventually! :)
1) Are you drinking enough water?
2) Are you self-weighing when you havent been the loo for a couple of days?
3) Are you expecting too much?
4) Have you thought about trying a few red or green days to give your body a bit of a wake up?

Personally, I have come to realise while on SW that high levels of carbs are my enemy. I lose far less on weeks where I do EE than I do when I do predominantly red. Make sure you drink plenty of water and dont weigh if you havent just been for a poo, if you MUST weigh at home (which I do, so I am not criticising).

And expect there to be weeks where you dont have as big a loss as others! It is disheartening, but its just the way our bodies adjust to the change in diet. Sometimes our bodies recognise that we are in a pattern and then decide not to lose for a week or two. It happens, and as long as you stick to the plan it will pay off over the longer term.

PS, I highly recommend a fish week for a good shake up.


i will be slim
Well i do re days and only have 1 or 2 green days.

i drink around 6 litres a week

and this is my first fish week!!!

i always do red and green .
Ok, well try and up your water a bit to about 10-14 litres a week, you should be aiming for 1.5-2l a day. Try that first and see if it makes a difference. You may simply not be flushing your system through enough.

But the others are right, 2lb a week is a very respectable loss, I can understand why you think your losses should be higher if you have a lot of weight still to lose, but don't be disheartened by a 2lb, most group members would be ecstatic with that!

You will have bigger losses again, but they may not be regular.


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I can really appreciate the frustration that you are feeling. In the last 19 weeks I have lost 1.5lbs, yes I have been at this a while, and I have also stopped smoking I this time period, however, I have also stuck to the plan. Or at least I thought I had!!

This week I made a concerted effort to go back to basics by planning, weighing, measuring and counting every syn that I ate in detail. I don't if it was the planning, the writing down or the comitment I made to myself, but it seems to have paid off for me.

Equally all of this must be dso disheartening for you?

All I can say is keep planning your meals and shopping, write it down, look at where you have come from, and talk to fellow members etc for support and tips, it is what I have found to help get me by.

Take Care

2lb a week is equivalent to a 7000 calorie deficit a week- that means you are eating 1000 less calories every day. I know SW doesn't work on calories but basic maths says you are doing incredibly well. I know you say you are bigger, but your losses are truly amazing and you have obviously made massive changes to achieve them- be proud of that.

Every reputable expert out there says losses between 0.5-2lb are sustainable and realistic. You are going to have to learn to get over your dissapointment and stop making comparisons, otherwise you are at risk of packing in because you are dissapointed by what is actually a fantastic loss each week.

I have lost my weight on an average of 1lb a week over 26 months- I worked VERY hard for every single ounce I shifted, made the most of enjoying my journey rather than seeing it as a race, and most importantly, I am still here!

See this as a change in your life, not a crash diet that will drop the weight faster but is unsustainable in the long term

Good luck

I lost my weight at 1lb a week and I often stayed the same even though I'd stuck to plan, so I had to learn to manage my expectations.

I would have loved to have lost 2lb a week but I gave myself a good talking to and realised that if I kept going I would get there in the end and I did! On the way I learned a lot about healthy eating and I even know now when I'm being greedy or eating for the sake of it.

You have to look at the big picture. It's not going to be quick, but it all adds up and you're getting slimmer and healthier as you go along.

Well done on your loss so far, and we'll be with you every step of the way from now on xx


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hi there

you could try the old scan bran thing - my consultant told me that if you have 2 a day you are guaranteed a loss - i weigh in tomorrow after 7 weeks of really slow maintained weights and little losses so we will see if it works.....

F4ye x:4635:
hi there

you could try the old scan bran thing - my consultant told me that if you have 2 a day you are guaranteed a loss - i weigh in tomorrow after 7 weeks of really slow maintained weights and little losses so we will see if it works.....

F4ye x:4635:
Please comeback and post how you did, will be really interesing to see if it works.

Tanny dont be disheartened, I've been doing SW for 27 weeks now and average 1.83lbs a week. I've done Lighterlife before where I was losing 4-5lbs a week but this meant eating no proper food and as soon as I returned to eating I put the 6 stone I had lost all back on and a bit more !!! As people say this is not a diet its a lifestyle change.


i will be slim
Hey all thanks for the replys!!

well maybe its just one of them things .

it will pay off in the end.

i weigh in 2nite im hoping for at leat 2lb so i can get my 3 stone sticky 3lb would be better so i can get my club 10 too.

we will see.

allie i do red and green days i have about 2 green a week.
my plate is mostly filled up with super free foods.
butto be fair on a green day i dont but i have mainly reds.

AHH laura hun did the same happen to you then?
we are very slimmlar what are your losses like now?

thanx everyone for the support maybe i need to stop being so hard on myself.


AHH laura hun did the same happen to you then?
we are very slimmlar what are your losses like now?
Hiya Tanny my losses are still as random as ever ranging from a +0.5 to -6.5 just in the last 5 weeks but I'm learning to get used to them, I understand how easy it is to feel bad though. Some weeks it can be enough to make me cry in front of the group which isn't fun!

Don't be so hard on yourself, you've made some huge changes and even if the numbers aren't coming the way it feels it should your health is improving. You've started more exercise which is a great step, no point being thin and unhealthy so you're doing it together which is the best way.:)


i will be slim
Thanx laura,i feel like that too when i see a small number at weigh in i get so upset and never stay to class when im not pleased with the number i got.

i got a letter this morning from slimming worlds district manger saying how pleased she was with me and how proud she was of me and next time she sees me she will give me a massive round of a applause.....i burst into tears !!!
i thought yeah i have done bloody well so why am i so god damn hard on myself!!


i will be slim
yeah i met her in my 3rd week...my consultant reports back to her every week with my progress.
i think everytime i feel down and disheaterned i will read that!


Addicted to Minimins!
As a general rule you'll find the more you have to lose, the more you lose (if ya get me) So someone weighing 17 stone would lose more on this diet, eating exactly the same thing and following the plan in exactly the same way then someone who weighs 14 stone. In turn the more you lose, the more your weight loss will slow down, because your body no longer uses or needs so much food in order to function (but that doesn't mean you should cut back on the amount - it just means that you're going to even out and have a slower weight loss). 5-6lbs when you first start is a high weight loss for a diet where you're eating so much, 1-2lbs a week is a realistic and healthy weight loss and although we all hope to lose more and get to goal more quickly, there really is nothing wrong with losing it at a healthy and natural rate, eating a healthy and 'in moderation' diet.
Don't lose track of why you're doing this - its not just about the weight loss, its about being healthy. Stressing about the numbers when you're eating a healthy, balanced diet isn't how you're going to stay slim once you get to goal. (((HUGS)))

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