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I'm a little confused about Mince?

Hi All,

I have just tonight made the SW recipe Chilli (which was yummy) I did it as per the menu with Lean Mince from tesco. On the recipe it states 'free' but I have been reading through posts tonight that make me believe unless i've used quorn or extra lean mince it's not actually free :confused:

I am on the extra easy plan btw, I'm on my first week.

Thank You.x
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Is a crunchy mama!
Hiya! The only mince you can have as a free food is extra lean mince (i.e. with 5% fat or less). I know some people boil regular mince and drain/wash it? :eek:
This makes absolutely no sense to me and sounds grotesque so I just stick to extra lean mince from Waitrose :D
Yup - mince should be extra lean for it to technically be 'free'. Which recipe did you use? If it's a SW one, it should tell you extra lean mince.

As extra lean tends to be more expensive, and never on special offer, a lot of people here tend to use lean, cook it, and then dry off the fat that comes out in the cooking. Bit naughty but easier!


Nojo on the YoYo
Extra lean mince is 2 packs for a fiver in Asda this week!

I use turkey mince though, much much cheaper!
Tesco do an extra lean mince in their own healthy brand packet, it may not be helpful but it's in a green label pack and is a little bit more expensive but it's completely free. I don't think I could be bothered to rinse/wash lean mince just to make it free lol


Nojo on the YoYo
And tesco do sometimes do 2 packs of their HL lean meats for a fiver as well, so you can get a pack of EL mince and a pack of, say stir fry strips or beef casserole chunks for a fiver. Yerrrs!


Is a crunchy mama!
Or you could buy your own lean beef, which will probably be cheaper, and blitz in your food processor. I remember one time I had trouble finding minced chicken breast so I just bought a couple of breasts and minced it myself. Turned out really nice!
:eek: I still rinse my extra lean mince just hate to see goo on it:jelous:
You know what? I'm such a ditz! It does say extra Lean. Oh no!!! lol
I do always drain the mince as I cannot stand floating stuff. How many syns would that of cost me? I didn't eat much maybe 1 heaped handful as this diet is making me stuffed! I've never eat so much. :eek:)
Yep, me too, I brown it as normal then instrad of draining the fat I pour the whole lot in a sieve and put boiling water over it. (I buy lean mince)

That is the only way I can see that you would get rid of all the horrible fat.


I stocked up on extra lean mince this week I paid 2 pound (sorry no pound sign on this computer its from oz) a 500g box in Asda, I like a bargain :D
Thank You all for your replies. Can anyone tell me the best mince (and bacon) to get from tesco at all? I shop online mostly and when I type in lean only Lean Lamb mince comes up.
Many Thanks.x

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