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I'm back, anyone fancy being my face book buddy?


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Hi all,
I'm back, got quite ill doing Atkins last time so changed to WW, then slimming world and also Paul Mckenna!! I think I wasn't in the right head space to give any diet my full commitment.
I feel ready now and am going to post on her every day, as well as on Jim's link, 'what are we eating today', which is brilliant :)
I would like a face book buddy to share the journey with if anyone is interested...maybe someone with a lot of weight to lose like myself? Am starting the Atkins tomorrow, just one question I would like to ask...I tried the mim but found them too eggy for me, are the oppsies (hope i got the name right) better?:)
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I'm not of facebook wendy, but I know a lot of the girls are.
hi and welcome back to atkins. i dont like the mim's either. YUK lol. not tried the oopsies yet. i am on fb and so is lots of us. will pm u my name :D


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Hi Wendy.

Aw, the right mindset. I have that trouble too. Hopefully we'll get through it and beat down those voices in our heads! LOL!

I really like MIM's. The first ones I did tasted really eggy and were made with golden linseed, but the flaxseed I got in Tesco is much darker and I can hardly taste the egg at all.

Could we set up a group on FB just for us Atkins Girls or Jim's Angels?


Loves this site!
Thats a great idea Nic, I think most of us are on fb but i havent a clue how to set up a group. I know a few people on here dont want them mentioned along with the words atkins or diet so not sure we can keep that side of it out?


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What about Jim's Angels then? I can set up a group, it's easy.

As long as Jim doesn't mind of course that we use his name!


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Thank's everyone for the PMs...I think that is a brilliant idea Nellyphant, and bet Jim would be flattered, it would be nice to have a separate FB group just for us :)


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Just been looking on FB at group info and can't find whether you can set it to private between members or not. So perhaps my idea was not such a good one after all!
you can set up a 'secret' group which people you invite can be part of.
Jims angels is already in use.
If you set one up nelly, just let us know and you can invite us.
I dont know how to do it.


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I've pm you Wendy.
A group for us would be good, we might not get so confused over real names & nicknames on here! Or am I the only idiot that does? ;)