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Im back for good! 2012 is my year to taste success-& it tastes like a cambridge shake

Right! I've been inspired (by Kae) to start a diary charting my (hopeful) weight loss!

My name's Lynsey, I'm 24 and incredibly over-weight :sigh: and completely fed up with it! I've been on sooo many diets I couldnt hope to list them here! But this time I REALLY mean it! I've recently (not too recently - 6 months ago!) had a baby girl and this time I'm determined to lose weight for her sake and the sake of my health! I count myself incredibly lucky not to have any health-related illnesses because of my weight but I know its a ticking time bomb, as my dad has type 2 diabetes from being overweight and all of his side of the family are on the large size, my mum on the other hand is the size of a toothpick! So i'm hoping with a tonne-less-calories, lots more exercise and a bucketful of optimism and motivation will help make me more like my "mum's daughter" than my "father's child" - at least in terms of looks! :p

I started xenical yesterday and weighed 254lbs at my doctors weigh in! :cry:

I'm hoping to be 128lbs by the end of my MAHOOSIVE journey, so I have a HUGE 126lbs of fat to lose!! :wave_cry:

I was pretty clueless as to where to start and what diet to follow when i got home from doctors and was planning on doing SW with the tabs, my doc simply gave me the prescription and said "follow a low fat diet and read the leaflet, we'll weigh you in 12 weeks". No mention of what to eat, the 5g in 100g rule or the 15g/meal rule - i've had to get all that off this site! So thanks guys for invaluable advise!

I've now decided to count cals and low fat! I'm still unsure how many cals to allow myself coz I dont wanna drop too drastically and my body do the starvation mode thing, as whats loades for others might not be alot for me ...vice versa! I just know that bingeing on apples must surely be better than my normal bingeing on crisps...no?

Well...enough of the intro...onto the diet bit:

Wednesday 29th July:

Breakfast: 2 weetabix and skimmed milk - cals: 127 Fat:0.8g
Muller-light yogurt - cals:110 Fat:0.1g

Dinner: Pasta with tomato and basil - cals:290 fat: 10g
Salad of lettuce, grated carrot and grated red cabbage

Followed by:
A sandwich of sliced chicken:

2 slices of weight-watchers seeded bread - cals:98 Fat:0.6g
((49 cals 0.3g fat per slice))

2 slices of chicken - cals:64 cals Fat: 1.6g
((32 cals 0.8g per slice))

Salad bowl with lettuce and beetroot and 1 ladle of devil sauce - 56cals / 2.3g fat
Wholemeal Bread roll - 140 cal 2.3g of fat
Simply chicken breast and jacket potato - 575cals / 5g fat

Total Calories: 1350 cals
Total g of Fat: 22.7 g

Recommended fat - 45g per day

good first day fat and calorie wise. Need to look at my carb intake more and increasing my fruit and veg.

I also drank 2 litres of water and lots of green tea (advised by health shop to speed up metabolism after years of crash dieting and bingeing!) one glass of diet coke.

30 mins on treadmill and 15 mins on cross trainer followed by dancing around the living room! :D

Going slow on the exercise front as havent exercised for years and am now on maternity leave where my days exists around slobbing on the sofa - i,e VERY sedentary life style! hoping to improve!

I've bought a wii fit but dont wanna use it incase ne other member of my family sees my weight on it! bit shallow, but planning to run alongside my nephew when he goes on it!

So far today I've avoided two offers of chocolate and crisps from unhelpful family members and a shop-bought pasty offered by mum! and I've had:

Thursday 30th July:

Breakfast - skipped breakfast as had poorly baby and had to take her to the doctors. Grabbed a chicken sandwich when I got back:

2 slices of weight-watchers seeded bread - cals:98 Fat:0.6g
((49 cals 0.3g fat per slice))

2 slices of chicken - cals:64 cals Fat: 1.6g
((32 cals 0.8g per slice))

With one blue pill and a big glass of flavoured water.

Snacks: 2 x apples - 100cals trace-fat

No exercise yet, as had to rush out this morning, hopefully gonna do 30mins on the treadmill (power walking) and some sit ups when OH gets home!

What does people think of what I've been eating so far? Cals looking around the 1400 cals/day mark - is this too much? I'm 254lbs as a reminder!

Any feedback would be much appreciated!
Off to feed the baby and not my face! lol :D#
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hi and welcome,
im still new to this so im prob not much use but the cal per looks about right to me, there is a site you can use to calculate what you should be having my fitness pal i think? im sure someone will have the link for you
my doc was the same ie pants so i deff agree with you without this site i dont know what i would have done
as for the wii, you can set a passcode on your mii so no one can see your details
hth and good luck
i use the wii fit as well and i put my password (4 digit code) on my character to stop others gaining access.. i live alone but incase ny of my friends are using it lol..

i will be following yourr diary =D. x


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey hun!!

Ive already said welcome on your post on my thread!!:D

Sooo sorry to hear your babys was ill!! is she any better now? Its amazing how somethin soooo small can be soooo worrying!! but defo worth it lol!!

i too will be following your thread so post away!!!

Speak soon love katie


hoping for a good loss
I have my Wii password protected too.

Will follow your diary thread too

All the best. Charlie xx
Thanks for the support guys! Not doing too well to be honest! Was until I had a MAHOOSIVE slip up last night, only 2 days into Xenical and I could kick myself this morning! Have actually been beating myself up all morning!

Went out with friends and OH last night for a karaoke night and they wanted to go for a meal before - I'd been brilliant all day on the diet, they chose a pub that only had burgers/pizzas etc on the menu and one salad choice!

So after much deliberation of whether I was just gonna throw caution to the wind and have hunters chicken, bbq sauce and lots of yummy chips! I chose the grilled chicken salad!

I felt almost saintly as they were tucking in to greasy burgers, chips, garlic bread etc..... it felt fab to be taking control and i felt really really good!

Then I went and ruined it! Got bk from the loo's (only having a wee - no embarrassing toilet troubles from just my grilled chicken and lettuce leaves!) and my OH had got the drinks in - a glass of white wine for me! I was debating whether to say sorry and have a more saintly diet coke, but i quickly calculated in my head if I had enough cals left for one glass and stupidly thought "one wont hurt" - but its not the one that hurts is it? its the other two that follow!!

Absolutely gutted today, been throwing up all morning (I hardly EVER drink either and ive gone and ruined all my hard work for something i dont even enjoy that much and now ive got a bad head and really sicky tummy!!!! cant stop being sick and feel pig sick at the thought of all those unneccessary calories!

3 glasses of white wine!! bum!!

So not looking good today ladies! I cant even keep water down, so thats a consolation that i wont be having my cal intake today! but def not the way to do it!

So, my very depressing food diary for yesterday reads:

Breakfast - skipped breakfast as had poorly baby and had to take her to the doctors. (it was an ear infection Kae-so nothing too serious, thanks hun xx) Grabbed a chicken sandwich when I got back:

2 slices of weight-watchers seeded bread - cals:98 Fat:0.6g
((49 cals 0.3g fat per slice))

2 slices of chicken - cals:64 cals Fat: 1.6g
((32 cals 0.8g per slice))

With one blue pill and a big glass of flavoured water.

Snacks: 2 x apples - 100cals trace-fat

LUNCH - Tomato and basil pasta - 339 cals 10.6g fat
with a blue pill!

Another 2 apples - 100 cals, trace - fat

TEA - Grilled chicken salad - 324 cals 6g fat

3 glasses of wine!!!!! - around 260cals each glass
bum!!!! 780 cals just from wine that's made me ill!!!!

Total - this is depressing - 1705 calories!!!! 780 of them just from wine!!!! the annoying thing is, without the wine I wouldve only consumed 925cals!!!!!

going off to be sick again now..........


hoping for a good loss
Hun, sorry you are feeling (and being) so sick. Surely this can't be due to the wine alone.

You have still stayed well below 2000 cals hun, don't beat yourself up over it. Put a line under it and move on. We all have blips and it is so hard when we go out for an evening

hugs hun, hope you feel better soon

Charlie xx
thanks fed-up-and-fat, been gutted all morning! They WERE large glasses mind, and dont 3 large glasses equate to one whole big bottle of wine??!!

BUT my OH just did a fab job of making me feel better - he pointed out that alot of peeps dont even count calories on the xenical diet, just fat, so if i was doing that i wouldve had an excellent day yest even WITH all the wine! feeling more optimistic!

Its all a learning curve and its good to see that i felt shitty about drinking all those calories and didnt just think "ahh f***k it, lets have some more then" and fall off the waggon spectacularly like i normally would!

I'm particularly impressed at my strong(er) will power today as after the sickness of a hangover subsides i'm always left ravenous and end up eating EVERYTHING insight! But I've been quite good so far, stopped being sick and fancied a strawberry milkshake, (my all time hangover cure!) So my OH searched the supermarket for me and found the Strawberry Friji ones, they're quite high in calories (for a milk-shake) but fairly low in fat and are really filling!

I've decided they will be a good choice for a breakfast on the go when i'm bk im work when a smoothie doesnt appeal! seems like a nice treat and really fills you up, here's the stats if anyone else fancies one:

Per 100ml:
65cals 0.9g of fat

it's a 500ml bottle tho, (i'd struggle to drink it all in one go!) but if you sipped at it as a brekkie - per bottle (500ml) it's 325cals and 4.5g of fat

and absolutely worth every cal and gram of fat!! lol!

plus, its a good way of getting calcium, as we're gonna be cutting down mega on cheese, butter, full fat milk etc....

I've also tried some food to settle my belly, not working so far! lol! but I had Bernard Matthews low fat turkey slices on low fat crumpets with a tiny (and i mean tiny!) slither of flora really light!

having jacket potato and tinned chopped tomatoes with herbs and garlic for tea so that'll be my food for today! if im still hungry, gonna snack on mullerlight lite yogurts and satsumas! and if I'm STILL hungry, gonna have weetabix and skimmed milk for supper!

Apart from the raging hangover, back feeling fairly saintly again! PMSL!

hope everyone else's diets are going well??

Thanks again for the support
p.s - just counted up fat for yesterday and only had 18g!! so thats a plus point to cheer me up after my unplanned for-unexpected massive wine-binge! lol!

SO, total of what i've ate // are going to eat today:

Friday 31st July 2009: DAY 3:

Needed something sweet after all that wine (hangover!) so had a Friji strawberry milkshake - 325cals 4.5g of fat

DINNER - 2 low fat crumpets with flora and Bernard Matthews low fat turkey breast slices:
93cals 0.5g fat (x2)

Bernard Matthews Turkey slices - 21cals per slice, 0.5g of fat
Had 2 slices - Total - 42 cals 1g of fat

Mullerlite yogurt - 110 cals 0.1g of fat

Tea - Jacket potato and tinned tomatoes:
Jacket potato: 245cals / 0.36g fat
Tomatoes: 34 cals / 0.2g fat

Total Calories: 942 cals
Total Fat: 6.8g of fat!!

GOOD! Well done for not having a blow out after all that wine! Will have enough cals left to have weetabix and skimmed milk for supper! Will feel like a treat being allowed 4 "meals"! ha ha!
Hi Im not sure if ive said welcome?!

You sound like you are going great despite the hangover, so well done, and no mean feat with such a little buba! x
thanks flabbybumbum! its not easy, especially being home all day, but im nothing if not determined! I AM GOING TO DO IT THIS TIME!

I thought I'd share my fave low cal snack / idea with y'all.

Tesco's frozen steamed veg, they come in one big pack and inside is 4 littler clear packets, there's broccolli, sweetcorn and carrot (think there's other varieties too - but this one is perfect for me as its the veg i love and REALLY tasty) - you put the bags in the microwave for 4mins and serve! I have it will all my meals - jacket potatoes, ww ready meals and have this to bulk it up, or its a REALLY nice snack - if i've had all my cals and am going to stray i heat up 2 bags of this and have in a bowl, sometimes with pickled onions and beetroot - yummy! xx

Another is putting Mullerlite yogurts in the freezer! A lush, low fat alternative to icecream! scrummy yummy!

Who'd have thought i be recommending bingeing on veg! lol

Just had my jacket potato with chopped tomatoes, lettuce, spring onions, the above steamed veg and 2 slices of Bernard Matthews Turkey Slices - very yummy! fancy something sweet now so may have a Strawberry Mullerlite Yogurt!!

Feeling G.O.O.D!!

Anyone got any low fat snacks/faves they wanna share??



gunna be a fatty for ever
hey you!!!

I feeel so bad not for making that joke about throwing up lol!!

hope your feelin a bit better now!!

your doing fab on the calorie count!! im imopressed

Love katiexxxx
thanks girlies, just had a bit of a binge - but a healthy(ish) one! I was starving so instead of my weetabix I had WW tortilla wraps (3!) filled with Bernard Matthews turkey slices and lettuce, no dressings or sauces tho so saintly for me! ha!

wraps - 102 cals and 0.9g fat each = 306cals // 2.7g
Bernard Matthews Turkey slices - 21cals per slice, 0.5g of fat
Had 4 slices - Total - 84 cals 2g of fat

Total cals for today: 1332
Total fat: 11.5g

So still saintly! (tho would've preferred to have been able to have left it at 900-and-odd! but i was STARVING!)



gunna be a fatty for ever
cals are there to eaten hun!!

If you eat too few your body may hang on to them for dear life!!!!

Morning everyone!

I'm up early courtesy of Baby Annabelle! Thanks hun!

I think im a little bit addicted to this site! it used to be facebook, but now this is the first thing i think of when i get up! SO sad! but really think this site is going to be the key to my weightloss and staying on track this time - its so supportive and just a fab idea! Love it!

Well so far Ive been up for 2 hours and 36mins and havent had ne thing to eat, feel kinda dehydrated and still a bit sicky this morning, gonna have some toast with white bread ((shock shock!)) in a min - but it IS ww and only 49cals a slice! so worth it!

gonna try and do 1200 cals today...read on another post that its better for your body and weight loss if you mix things up a bit, eg 1200 one day 1300 another 1400 another...1200 and so on... so gonna give that a try! Keeps the metabolism ticking over!

Morning hun :) Been up for about an hour, kids still in bed, hubby at work...ahhh bliss ;) The silence is wonderful lol :D

It is good to mix things up a bit, keeps your metabolism on its toes ;), but remember, too little calories means your body thinks you're starving it, so will hold onto every pound of fat it can :)rolleyes:)
oooh sounds nice and peaceful! im gonna have a peaceful weekend too - my parents live with us (we bought their house when they were gonna downsize, but then we thought it was silly for them to get somewhere else when we all fitted here, so that's how we've stayed at mo, sharing mortgage, bills etc...works quite well but does get rowdy!) so this weekend they're going away camping so we've got the house to ourselves all week! its like a holiday in itself! lol! OH is in work at mo and im watching "Handy Manny" with my little one!

yeah, there's so much to think about isnt there, its not just worrying you're eating too much, but also if you're not eating enough and goingt into "starvation mode" ! so confuzzling! well a lot of the sites on here say i need to be eating around 2400 to maintain my current weight, so anything under that and I'll lose weight, so I'm guessing if i stay around the 1400-1500 cal mark and dont drop ne lower than 1200, then thats gotta work surely??

oooh hadnt finished! naughty computer! ha

I was saying....IF there IS ne truth in this starvation mode, how do VLCD like Cambridge Diet or Lighter Life work?

puzzles me, coz they DO and people lose like 10lbs a week with them??

To lose a pound a week, we need to drop 3500 calories a week from our diets ( or 500 cals per day). So you could have up to 1900 calories a day and still lose weight.
The thing I've always found, is that for me, if I go too low with my calories, then hunger really kicks in, I feel deprived and ended up eating, feeling guilty that I *gave in* etc. If I keep my calories up at the higher end of what I'm allowed, then I don't feel this need to eat between meals at all :)
This link explains how VLCDs work


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