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I'm back on the diet!!!


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Well guys, as you know I've reached target, but I'm still not in my size 12 jeans. I've decided to give CD another go so I've just booked my appointment for Wednesday. I've decided to SS for a week or two (or three or four). Its tough really because I don't have a goal weight just a size. Everyone keeps telling me I look a size 12, but I'm not!! I think I'm a size 13!!!

Off we go again. I'm actually looking forward to it now. How crazy is that!!
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'you crazy fool' Good luck babe and you will get to that size xxxxx


Says it as it is!!!
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You're nuts hun...but good luck!!!! xxx


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Good Luck hun! Any chance toning would do it???? You're probably already doing that.


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I've got the slendertone and have started doing calenetics again. At the end of the day my BMI is still at 26 so I could do with losing a few more lbs I suppose. I feel good dressed, but am still very self concious naked. Hubby is not happy that I'm going back on CD as he thinks I'm fab now, but I'm not! Bless him for thinking/saying that!!

I think I may do Atkins for the next two days then the switch over to ketosis will be easier..........ooooooooooo ketosis! I am looking forward to that!!
Good for you, Shaz!

You look pretty perfect to me, but it's a mental thing isn't it.......well, in your case!;):D

Size 13? Oh, how I laughed!:D:D:D:D:D:D
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I think you look smashing but know that it is about how we feel in ourselves... good luck hun xx


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Cheers guys. I am one of those people who will never be 100% happy....I've always felt fat, but I think once I fit in those jeans then no matter what my head says I know officially I'm slim (coz I think a size 12 is slim!!) Georgie....you look amazing hun!!
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Good luck Shaz, may you be in your size 12's very soon.



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Good luck Shaz, you'll get there in no time xx


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Thanks guys.....I WILL GET INTO THOSE JEANS!!!!!!!!!!


Back on the wagon!
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Looking sooo good - but best of luck!


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Best of Luck Shaz, it'll not take you long. Size 12 herre you come!X
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Good luck, I'm sure you will be there in no time, I have the same dream, a pair of size 12 jeans with no muffin top, I even have them hung in my wardrobe waiting, bought them over a year ago (most expensive jeans I have ever bought) and never been worn.

Heres to the jeans club!

Sammylou x

rainbow brite

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I have the most gorgeous pair of size 10 jeans that were a bit tight even back when I was a size 10, so to get into them and not have to squeeze them on is my ultimate target :D