I'm back!

Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by *AnnaMaria*, 2 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. *AnnaMaria*

    *AnnaMaria* Silver Member

    I daren't weigh in though! I stayed pretty good all week, although I wasn't sure about the German type sausages at brekky, nor the sauces round the meat at night. I didn't eat any potatoes, pasta or rice though. Then on the last day I went mad, ate two pieces of cake at lunch then two more pieces at dinner LOL. My belly deffo looks bigger :-( I will weigh on Friday after giving it a chance to disappear again (fingers crossed!)
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  3. EmmaMum

    EmmaMum Full Member

    You have to treat yourself every now and again hun

  4. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hi TT, welcome back love, I hope you had a good time. :)
  5. shrinkingannie

    shrinkingannie Gold Member

    Welcome back - you did really well!! Did you have a fantastic time?
  6. *AnnaMaria*

    *AnnaMaria* Silver Member

    Thanks guys. To be honest I really didn't like the island, and the weather was pants, but everything else was great :)
  7. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Was it Crete you went to TT?
  8. therealcazza

    therealcazza Full Member

    Hi Anna..... nice to see you back :)

    (You coming to mine in a few weeks then?)
  9. *AnnaMaria*

    *AnnaMaria* Silver Member

    Yes Jim and yes Cazzaline :)
  10. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hmm, I wanted to visit Crete, you've made me think twice there.
  11. therealcazza

    therealcazza Full Member

    Woohoo nice matey :D

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