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I'm back!

Hi everyone hope you are all ok. I have finally been given the green light again health wise to re-start LT. I am on Day 2 and feeling great. I have even managed a workout DVD and still feel full of energy to clean the house. Really feel positive about LT this time and my whole attitude feels different to how I felt before Xmas. I don't feel deprived anymore when cooking for the family as I know I can eat what they are eating and stay fat and miserable or I can stick to LT and getter slimmer and happier. I will get to goal this time and nothing will stop me.

Sorry to waffle on, hope everyone is doing ok x x
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addicted to minimins!!
good luck girlie .. youll be fine and the time will fly by! keep your head in the zone! x
glad your back girlie & feeling so enthusatic,,we will all be here with you
good luck.... you're very brave cooking. im on day 6 and i still cant even be around food!! lol :)
Thank you all! I am still feeling good despite watching hubby and the kids have fish and chips and chocolate.

Shakes84 I don't have a choice but to cook as hubby works till 10 most days and I have to feed the kids lol But I have to say I have felt strong and not been remotely tempted. I am fed up of getting up every day and wanting to cry when I look in the mirror.

New Year, New Me! Can't wait x x


addicted to minimins!!


Getting thinner everyday!
Welcome back to you Shaz.

I don't know if anyone else finds this but I after the first couple of weeks I find that I love to handle and cook food, to the point of obsession. The meals I make are so much better than when I am not on LT as I natural veer towards beautiful fresh ingredients and new recipes. Last time I was on it, I lost weight and my OH put it on...lol.

The first couple of weeks is hard though so I try and keep it to "shove in the oven" stuff just until the initial phase is over.
hi shaz, well done on getting back to lipotrim. i have finally come out of denial and started back today. I had put on 1st 10lb since i finished tfr last april. I am trying to be super positive also. hopefully we can support each other.


addicted to minimins!!
hey soontobemotherofthebride! welcome back...no denial here just 100 percent LT goodness..:) you can do it...good luck x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Shaz and everyone else that is restarting, well done to you all for taking your courage in your hands to get back on the LT train. Keep busy, drink loads of water, at least 3 ltrs a day and stay 100% on track and you will be well rewarded. Good luck! Onwards and downwards!!
Welcome back... It's great to see you both so positive... Good luck x
Thank you all! Still going strong despite loads of family problems going on and people trying to bring me down but I won't let them. This year is going to be about me and the positive supportive people in my life and anyone who doesn't like it knows what they can do.

Missy Moo, i have also found that i love cooking even more than i did. i have been baking with the kids and making loads of new things. Hubby is very happy especially as he didn't expect it and said he would do the cooking for a while but i think if I felt he expected me to do it no matter what I would feel less like doing it if that makes sense.

Soon2bemotherofthebride best of luck with the restart and we can definately support each other. how are you doing today?

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