I'm coming size 12's!!


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Slowly slowly.. you will be mine! :)

Wanted to share this pic of me 4 weeks in..


Not brave enough for a face on one :eek: so sadly your stuck with my butt instead :D

I have been whinging at home that I can't see any change in myself.. so DH talked me into taking my next lot of 'before's'.. the one on the left was taken 1st January 07 and on the right the 30th January 07..

My back rolls are going! wooo hooo

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Wow -

I have almost completed 4 weeks on CD. I've got a weigh- in tonight, I am hoping for a 3lb lost, to take me to 20lbs.

If I can see a difference in you (WHICH I CAN...judging from your photo's) then I am sure others can see a difference in me!!

You are looking great!


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Thanks hunny.. good luck for tonight, and well done for coming this far!!


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well done charmed....those pictures are great! you can really see the difference. You'll be lovely and slim by summer xxxx


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what a lovely butt shot lol.

seriously....thats really impressive and such good going. what a difference!

be very smug with urself, u've earned it! good luck for those sizes 12s, not that u need luck ;)



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there is a real difference there - not just in your back, but in your bum as well.




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Wow that is a big change.
Your butt looks alot smaller and your getting some lovely lady curves :)

Well done :D


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Well done -you can definitely see a difference. I am a bit like you in that I keep saying that I do not feel any lighter - am gong to take some more piccies -not sure that I am brave enough to post on here though!!!